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We offer hybrid app development services for companies and startups to engage users, build innovative products with vast monetization options.

As the need for feature-rich safe and scalable apps across multiple platforms grows, Cross Platform Application Development is now a reality. In the current technologically driven world, cross platform application development covers all of the unique aspects and attributes of design in one go.

Our team of application developers from Imenso Software develops apps with professionalism and dynamism.

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    Hybrid App Development

    Imenso Software Solutions is a well-known Hybrid application development company. We have a track record of creating more than 50+ Hybrid mobile apps using modern technology. Our more than 10+ years of experience allows us to develop high-quality hybrid mobile apps that have the highest performance.

    Our Hybrid App developers understand the needs of your company, and design feature-rich and user-friendly Hybrid Applications. We have created hybrid applications that utilize PhoneGap, React Native and more with software that function as native applications on the major platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.


    Hybrid app development services

    As among the most trusted hybrid app development agency in India, we offer all-inclusive custom cross-platform application development to our distinguished clients. Here are some of the services we provide for hybrid app development.

    Custom Website Development

    Custom Hybrid App Development

    Get complete cross platform app development beginning with initial consultation, design, to final app support and development, we'll take care of all aspects.

    Interactive UI

    UI/UX Design Services

    Supported by an experienced team of committed UI/UX designers Our design team provides eye-catching designs that perfectly reflect the image of your business.

    retail and ecommerce industry

    Application Testing

    We thoroughly test hybrid applications and conduct code reviews in a timely manner We also create plans for performance testing and debugging issues, as well as check the performance of the applications.

    IT Project Consultation

    Migration and Upgradation

    The hybrid developers at our company are adept in introducing new features to the current application and also optimizing the performance to increase overall efficiency.

    Dedicated developers

    Technology Consulting

    If you require assistance in cross-platform developing mobile apps, please feel at ease to reach us. Our mobile app specialists are available to assist you.


    Support and Maintenance

    Our hybrid app development firm does not just provide application development services, but also full support and maintenance to our clients.

    Technology Stack

    Technology package of hybrid app development services

    We use a powerful technology stack for hybrid app development to build native like mobile applications. Our quick solutions with cloud support for android, ios and phonegap delivers mobile apps with value assurance.

    React JS Custom Development

    React Native

    Imenso software makes use of this outstanding hybrid mobile framework for application development, taking advantage of its speedy development and its robust performance. Our experts can help propel your company to new heights through the creation of the Hybrid application using the React Native Framework.

    Why Us

    Why hire hybrid developers from Imenso for multi-platform app development?

    Choose us to be ahead of your competitors and receive top-quality services. We are aware of the fierce competition in the market but here's the reason why choosing us is a wise option:

    Maintenance and Support

    Efficient Integration

    Our hybrid programmers are informed of the most recent technology updates and can be enticed to design an innovative Hybrid application by our skilled coding experts. We provide our services as seamless integrations that enable you to work with multiple devices such as iOS, Android, Desktop and Laptop.

    Mobile Access

    Outcome Focused

    It doesn't matter if you're looking to build an online presence starting from scratch or expand its development across different platform, Imenso Software Solutions will provide a reliable cross-platform app development solution that will fit within your budget.

    Cost Efficient

    Competing Pricing

    If you are looking to create an online presence starting from scratch or extend your expansion across different platform, Imenso Software will create a dependable Hybrid application that will fit within your budget.

    Reports for Roles

    Agile Delivery Methods

    We use an agile development method to ensure that we deliver high-quality products within a predetermined time frame. Our experienced staff and advanced research methods We ensure that we finish the task in time or ahead of schedule.


    Customer Satisfaction

    Our clients are at the top of our list and update them on each stage of the process of development. We take note of their requirements regarding the project and create a plan of action to meet those expectations.

    10+ Years Experience

    Offline Use

    We'll design an hybrid application for you that will seamlessly function even with an internet connection that is not the best. The data could be stored offline by a device's API. Imesno Software assures optimum results at a reasonable cost.


    Hybrid app development for different industry verticals

    To assist you to provide your customers with every possible avenue We work with different mobile applications platforms, which include:



    Digital solutions from our company have assisted medical professionals improve their the patient's care by making appointments, keeping medical records, and much more. Hybrid App developers from our company have developed mobile apps to aid in maintaining and improve fitness.



    Our app-based business in India is changing the landscape of education through mobile learning applications that are interactive and deliver next-generation classroom learning and remote learning, engaging games for learning online and much more.



    Our offshore hybrid app solutions for banking development and finance solutions by Imenso programmers are developed to enhance payment systems, and transaction management in order to improve efficiency and security for access to financial products across all devices.


    Retail & eCommerce

    Our agency creates eCommerce app development solution designed for B2B and B2C businesses that assist businesses be noticed, draw new customers, and develop multichannel marketing strategies using professionally created eCom software.



    Our offshore hybrid app development firm developed insurance software to simplify claims processes, improve efficiency and offer customers a more personalized experience that speeds the process of settlements and pricing for insurance.



    Utilizing the latest technology and IoT devices, our offshore app development firm is focusing on the manufacturing industry to automate processes, make decision based on data, and manage the operations easily.


    Travel & Hospitality

    One of the most renowned companies for developing travel apps, Imenso software understands the demands of businesses in the field of travel. We design hybrid mobile apps that organize, book and cut the costs of operation using strong software.


    Real Estate

    We offer effective technology solutions for real estate that transform how you conduct your company in the industry of housing using traditional methods and tools using websites and mobile applications to buy, sell, and auction houses online.


    Logistics & Transportation

    Our primary goal at our hybrid app department for logistics and transportation development company is to improve productivity within the traditional transport industry. We develop solutions for inventory and logistics management and shipping, as well as delivery scheduling and much more.


    Media & Entertainment

    Our entertainment and media solutions connects various departments to help facilitate the production and distribution of media. It allows you to monitor various online channels, the promotion of content, as well as the evolution of trends.



    We offer off-shore Automotive software solutions have been designed to transform the mobile industry. The mobile applications and software are adaptable to the evolving ways of business operations in the automotive industry with strong engineering strategies.

    Our Approach

    Our hybrid app development approach

    Through our modern approach for hybrid app development, we've changed the conventional app building techniques. Our modern approach is adapted to your business's development plans and team sizes to provide the speed of execution.

    Requirement Gathering

    Brainstorming sessions and meetings to make sure that both the parties are on the same page & decide the features of the final product.

    Statement Of Work

    Our application design creates pages layout to help envision how the software screens will look along with mockup interfaces and frontend design structures.


    After finalizing the requirements, we implement databases and coding architecture for the different modules of the project as per planning for faster execution.

    Working Application

    During the agile development process, our testing team perform manual and system testing to remove all the bugs and ensure smooth function in all browsers

    Quality Assurance

    During the agile development process, our testing team perform manual and system testing to remove all the bugs and ensure smooth function in all browsers

    Final Application
    Engagement Models

    Hybrid app development partnership models

    We want to help all our clients whether their requirement is extravagant or general, big or small. Our different hiring models are thoughtfully designed to help you get the best of our hybrid app development services at the best price possible.

    Ready To Get Started?

    Start your business digital transformation journey with hybrid app development. Our app development company has more than a decade of experience building interactive mobile apps for small and large enterprises in various industries.

    Case Studies

    Our hybrid app development projects at a glance

    From developing offshore apps to designing and deploying digital solutions of all sorts of industries, our knowledge of hybrid apps is broad and comprehensive. Explore the details about our work procedure, interactions with clients and how we manage hybrid app projects.

    Human Resource
    Streamlining the process of placing right candidates to right company

    Imenso Software developed a web platform for one of the leading recruitement consulting firm that help companies to provide higher management level human resources.

    View Case Study
    Learn how 1000s of NGOs are improving their sustainability

    A platform having easy to use tools that help build NGO credibility, simplify reporting, create transparency and promote collaboration between NGOs and Sponsors.

    View Case Study
    Making translation as easy as ordering a cab

    A marketplace that helps businesses to translate their business documents to any language using the world's top freelance translators.

    View Case Study
    A new way to explore premium jewellery

    A premium app that help users to explore the jewellery of their choice, add to favorites and ask for real time support with socket based communication system.

    View Case Study
    Learn a foreign language, as taught by native

    A simple web and mobile application that helps its users to learn a foreign language by matching a native teacher, scheduling the classes, online lesson reviews etc.

    View Case Study
    Human Resource
    Validating employee assessment and internal appraisals

    Develop a web based platform to facilitate the organization's employee assessment and internal recruitment process.

    View Case Study
    A tool to test medical coding knowledge for healthcare professionals.

    One of the leading organisation in healthcare reached us to build a web based tool that help professionals to test medical coding knowledge and grade them on their scores.

    View Case Study
    A "do it yourself" marketing automation tool

    Our client is one of the start-ups based in US who wants to pitch the small business owners to automate their marketing activities.

    View Case Study
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    Our client’s thought on hybrid app development

    Check out what our customers are saying about their experience with us. With a glimpse of our culture and customer service, you'll be aware of the various tech stack as well as the various industries and projects we've been involved in. Find out if we're the perfect hybrid app development partner that you are seeking.


    Pamela Frost
    Director - Because Pty Ltd.


    We found Imenso Software to be a great company to work with, they are very responsive in terms of understanding our needs, in fact they suggested us a better technology to develop our employee engagement tool.

    Arvind Patil

    Arvind Patil
    UL LLC


    Imenso is the right knowledge center who understood our business requirement & developed software tool in no time. The system is very user friendly which can be adopted by all employees. Also, Imenso promise to give aftersale service is really appreciable.


    James Harakaly
    Republic Systems


    Top notch team! Very flexible with quickly updating and optimizing our website. We are looking forward to working with Imenso for a long time and continuing to update and new and exciting content to our site.

    Tom Updegrove

    Tom Updegrove
    VP - Joe Lewis Fighting Systems


    Imenso Software performed a difficult WordPress enhancement for me. It required a new fresh design with changes to my shopping cart, paid member services, and membership management. I highly recommend Imenso Software for web related work.


    Frequently asked questions by our clients on react native app development

    Choosing hybrid app development for the first time can be confusing for business owners. To help you understand the technology quickly, here are some of the most asked questions about our hybrid app development services.

    What is hybrid mobile app development?

    Hybrid mobile app development entails making use of Native app functions and functions in conjunction with HTML5 mobile development. In essence, the hybrid mobile app is like a native application that executes the majority of, if not all of its user interface within the browser’s embedded component.

    Which is the best hybrid platform for mobile apps?

    An examination among many cross-platform frameworks has revealed that React Native is among the most effective platform for hybrid mobile application development. This framework allows for the creation of engaging and immersive mobile applications that can be easily deployed across a variety of platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.

    What's the distinction between hybrid apps and native applications?

    For the user, the difference between native as well as hybrid applications is identical. Both apps can be obtained directly from App Stores and are stored on mobile devices. Additionally, both apps launch in the same manner. The only distinction is that with hybrid apps, developers aren’t required to code the app from scratch for every platform. They only need to write the majority of the application’s code with HTML, JavaScript, CSS3 and then reuse it across various mobile operating platforms.

    Native apps, Web and Hybrid apps What is the best option for startups?

    Native apps, Web as well as Hybrid apps Each has its distinct qualities and drawbacks. The final choice between them will be based on your startup’s needs along with the end goals that you want to accomplish. It is possible to schedule a meeting for our application developers to help you bring your ideas to fruition more quickly and cost-effectively.

    What is the best time to market for hybrid applications?

    The time to market these apps is considerably shorter when compared with native applications. This is because, once the app has been developed it is able to be used on a variety of platforms.

    How can you handle security of your data in the hybrid application?

    To protect your data We use the most recent and highly efficient tools , such as mobile device administration (MDM) encryption, remote wipe, and so on. We make use of the latest technological advancements in security by Apple and Google as well, to safeguard iOS apps as well as Android apps, respectively.

    Do I require a website that has all the features of my application?

    It’s not required however having a site with similar features to the app can boost your business’s growth and ensure maximum engagement with customers. We strongly suggest this.

    Can we add every iOS and Android device feature into the cross-platform application?

    Yes, the applications we create support features for iOS as well as Android devices. You can benefit from the latest and advanced hardware capabilities that are available on iOS as well as Android devices through the Hybrid application development solutions.

    Do you provide up-gradation services to convert an outdated hybrid system to the newest one?

    Yes, our app designers are able to convert an app that was created using an old hybrid application code written in outdated technologies. They can also upgrade it to the most recent versions such as React Native, Flutter, Xamarin and many others.

    Can I use both iPad as well as tablet version of this app? Which is the most suitable for my business?

    Yes, you can use both versions, but it will depend on the target people in your particular business. If you believe that your customers prefer bigger screens over smaller ones, then you need to purchase a specific version as such.

    Can a hybrid app be considered affordable and how much will it cost to develop?

    Yes, hybrid apps can be extremely budget-friendly, they can cut around 30% off the cost when compared with native applications. The price also varies based on the features, platforms available as well as other factors.