Advanced on demand B2B meat delivery application

Project Japfa
Industry Food and Restaurant
  • Manage daily production
  • Easy order placement
  • Manager dashboard
  • Dispatch orders
  • Deliver orders

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Project Brief

Japfa is one of the largest meat production companies that provide doorstep delivery services to B2B customers.

Japfa was looking for a minimal solution where they can track the daily production, order, dispatch and deliveries. The main objectives were:

  • Multiple User Roles – The application has separate panel for customers, production team, dispatch team, delivery and admin users.
  • Mobile-first – Build a web application with a mobile-first approach.
  • Extendability – Create modularity so that the application can be extended for more complex features.
  • SAP Integration of orders.
  • Two factor authentication.
  • Digital Signature.

A minimal web application that effectively manages the supply chain from production to doorstep delivery.


Manage Daily Production

The production house enters the estimated daily production and the chiller opening quantities for sale.


Easy order placement

Customers can easily place orders and track the status.


Manager Dashboard

Managers can fulfill the orders by allocating the available production quantities to each customer.


Dispatch Orders

Dispatch teams load the delivery vehicles with the order quantities which is allocated by managers.


Deliver Orders

Delivery teams can deliver the orders to customers with digital signatures as an acceptance of the order.

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