Top Rated AngularJS Development Company

Our end to end AngularJS development services to increase your business success with a high functioning digital ecosystem. We provide enterprise grade AngularJS services for all your web application and system needs.

AngularJS Custom Development

We as an AngularJS development company offers custom software solutions to simplify complex business situations. Get robust, business tailored software that is flexible and economical to define your vision and meet the most ambitious business goals.

AngularJS Website & App Development

We build scalable, secure and feature packed SEO friendly responsive apps and websites. Our trusted AngularJS development services makes software that works with your business process seamlessly for higher efficiency.

AngularJS UI Development

Our team for web design with AngularJS create eye soothing UI for mobile and web applications. Our UI/UX engineers tailors your digital product with advanced design and latest trends for higher customer engagement and long term retention rate.

AngularJS Migration Service

Our AngularJS development programmers migrate your existing business software and web apps to the most recent version of AngularJS framework with all the data intact. We also upgrade the current version of AngularJS to the latest one for faster business operations.

AngularJS QA & Testing

Our testing and QA team invest efforts to test AngularJS apps. We ensure an error free app to provide the best experience to the end user without any sudden stopping of the web app or website or downtime.

AngularJS Support & Maintenance

We as a AngularJS development company builds, tests and maintains excellent web apps and mobile apps. We offer regular support for business web apps to our clients for smooth functioning and higher productivity.

Gains of using AngularJS Development for
web app

Angular is an open source, performance-focused, secure, scalable and easy to use web development platform that inspires Angular developers to develop exciting end-products. These are the top features that are listed below:

Interactive UI

Interactive UI

Less Coding

Less Coding

Fast Development

Fast Development

Secure Web Apps

Secure Web Apps

High Performance

High Performance

Customization & Integration

Customization & Integration



Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Success Stories

How we have helped industry leaders to accelerate business

Trading platform facilitating B2B interactions

Trading platform facilitating B2B interactions

  • Multi-vendor portal capabilities
  • Quote/RFQ/RFP
  • Microsite for vendors
  • Real-time messaging
  • Paid membership
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Advanced on demand B2B meat delivery application

Advanced on demand B2B meat delivery application

  • Manage daily production
  • Easy order placement
  • Manager dashboard
  • Dispatch orders
  • Deliver orders
View Case Study
 A platform for  targeted messaging services

A platform for targeted messaging services

  • Advanced matching algorithm
  • SMS pricing calculator
  • Bulk messaging using third-party APIs
  • Google Map integration
  • Checkout with secure online payments
View Case Study
Send bulk SMS to recover payment from patients

Send bulk SMS to recover payment from patients

  • Serverless auto SMS scheduling
  • Twilio outbound and inbound SMS integration
  • Custom URL shortener
  • Timezone based SMS delivery
  • Pay with Credit card, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay
  • Save credit card
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Agile software development approach for faster turnaround

Our best AngularJS developers follow an agile software development process to deliver high-quality, valuable products for our clients consistently. We collaborate across development teams to ensure quick delivery with more transparency and flexibility.

Requirement Analysis

Brainstorming sessions and meetings to ensure that both parties are on the same page & decide the features of the final product.

What you get
  • Documentation
  • NDA and IP agreement
  • Time and cost estimate
Statement of Work

After approval, we create SOW that clearly describes the features and functionalities of application along with development process.

What you get
  • Statement of work
  • Defined milestones
  • Delivery plan

Using agile methodology we start execution that includes design, development, QA, deployment, and iteration in various sprints.

What you get
  • Prototype
  • Working product
  • Staging server
Launch & Support

Finally, we deploy the application to your production server and help you in scaling it.

What you get
  • Final product
  • Live environment
  • Support
Why Imenso Software

Why choose our premier AngularJS development services?

As a top rated AngularJS development company, we offer services that enable companies turn ideas into stunning designs and help them develop an international team for your overseas Angular task. There are many more reasons to work with an AngularJS development agency like us:

Responsive UI.

Responsive UI. The AngularJS developers of our company build stunning web applications with user-friendly interfaces that work with all devices screens, sizes operating systems, browsers and operating systems.

On-Time Delivery.

On-Time Delivery. We as an AngularJS development company follow a strict timeline to meet the deadlines. We employ agile methods to ensure the timely delivery of your website and mobile apps.

Feature Rich Solutions.

Feature Rich Solutions. Our AngularJS development team uses the latest technology of AngularJS to create high-quality web pages and applications. The perfect combination of themes, colors white space, and fonts provides an elegant look to your digital offerings.

Easy Migration.

Easy Migration. Upgrade your old software to the most recent versions or switch from another platform to AngularJS by working with our top AngularJS developers. Our modern development facilities allow us to develop world-class products for businesses.

Easy Access.

Easy Access. Our AngularJS developers are available all hours of the day for any questions. Our AngularJS engineers and technical personnel will provide the best experience in software development for all clients, regardless of the region of the world they reside in.


Cost-Effective. Employ our Our AngularJS development company for top-quality software solutions at affordable prices. Imenso Software is a group of highly skilled AngularJS developers who can create futuristic SEO user-friendly apps using the latest technology.

Engagement Models

Business models for hiring top Our AngularJS Engineers

When it comes to AngularJS Development services, businesses can choose from various engagement models. Options like fixed price, hourly rates, and dedicated teams offer flexibility to match project requirements and budgets. Whether you need a one-time project or ongoing support, there's a suitable model for every development endeavor.

Dedicated Resources

Hire a dedicated Angular development team for offshore projects in India with Imenso Software. Our full time experts provide weekly progress reports and complete the project on time with agile methodology.

  • Highest control
  • Highest quality
  • Frequent reporting
  • Agile process
  • Faster time to complete

Fixed Time and Price

If you are looking to hire Angularjs developers , this is the right business model. Our global clients with well defined requirements choose fixed time and price for more flexibility within a fixed pricing option.

  • Small projects
  • Fastest MVP development
  • Fixed pricing & Flexibility
  • Low risk
  • Fast development on a fixed timeframe

Let’s get those questions off your mind

What makes Imenso Software stand out as an AngularJS development company?

Imenso Software's hallmark lies in its profound expertise and client-centric ethos. Our adept team specializes in building tailored AngularJS web applications that precisely cater to your distinct requirements. We prioritize fluid interaction and collaboration to guarantee the delivery of exceptional outcomes that consistently surpass expectations.

Can you provide examples of AngularJS projects you've successfully delivered?

Absolutely! Absolutely! Our portfolio features a myriad of AngularJS projects across diverse industries. Each project demonstrates our dedication to excellence and expertise in AngularJS development.

Why choose Imenso Software for AngularJS development services?

Imenso Software stands out as the best AngularJS development company, blending extensive expertise with unwavering dedication. We provide tailored and reliable solutions for startups in need of cutting-edge web applications. Partner with Imenso Software for a relationship founded on trust and mutual commitment to success.

Can I request changes or additions to the AngularJS project during development?

Of course! Your input is highly valued throughout the development journey. We actively encourage collaboration and welcome any suggestions or modifications you may have. This ensures the AngularJS web app fits your evolving needs, exceeding expectations.

What is the typical project turnaround time for AngularJS development projects at Imenso Software?

AngularJS project durations vary based on complexity, size, and specifications. We prioritize timely delivery without compromising quality. Contact us for personalized project assessments and discussions.

How can businesses initiate collaboration with Imenso Software for AngularJS development services?

Initiating collaboration is easy. Just reach out to us to schedule an appointment. Our team will promptly guide you through discussing your project needs and devising a tailored plan to begin your AngularJS development journey with Imenso Software.

How does Imenso Software ensure the security of AngularJS applications?

Imenso Software is renowned as the best AngularJS development company, delivering reliable AngularJS development services with a focus on privacy and quality. Our approach includes industry-standard practices like encryption of information, reliable authentication mechanisms, and regular safety inspections.

Does Imenso Software provide ongoing support and maintenance for AngularJS applications?

Yes, Imenso Software offers comprehensive support and maintenance services for AngularJS projects post-launch. To keep your application operating smoothly, our committed team promises timely updates, bug fixes, efficiency optimization, and continuous enhancement.

How much does it cost to develop an AngularJS app?

The cost of creating an AngularJS app depends on various factors for example project complication, features, design requirements, and development time. Imenso Software provides custom quotes tailored to each project's specific needs and budget. Our team of experts promises cost-effectiveness and openness in Angularjs development services.

Who will own the source code of my Angular project?

At Imenso Software, we believe in complete openness and clarity regarding ownership of the source code. Upon project completion and final payment, you will have full ownership of the source code for your Angular project. We provide all necessary documentation and deliverables to promise that you have complete control and autonomy over your application's codebase.

What technical expertise does Imenso Software offer in AngularJS development?

Imenso Software has a team of expert AngularJS developers for hire who can build adaptable web apps, SPAs, widgets, and smoother interfaces. Our proficiency expands to incorporating AngularJS with backend tech stacks like Node.js and MongoDB to provide excellent AngularJS development services.

Why choose Imenso Software for AngularJS development?

We bring years of knowledge and expertise to each project. Our solid history highlights our ability to provide customized solutions to your particular needs. We guarantee your AngularJS project is completed on time and exceeds your expectations with open dialogue, agile methodologies, and a relentless focus on quality. collaborate with us for excellence, dependability, and dedication to your success.

Does Imenso Software provide ongoing support and maintenance for AngularJS projects?

Yes, Imenso Software offers comprehensive support and maintenance services for AngularJS projects post-launch. To keep your application operating smoothly, our committed team promises timely updates, bug fixes, efficiency optimization, and continuous enhancement.

Can Imenso Software help migrate legacy applications to AngularJS?

Yes, Imenso Software has expertise in migrating legacy applications to AngularJS, upgrading outdated technologies, and offering scalability, performance, and user experience. Our team promises a smooth transition while minimizing downtime and maintaining information integrity.

What measures does Imenso Software take to maintain code quality in AngularJS development?

Our number one priority is to ensure high-quality code. Throughout the AngularJS development process, we adhere to strict coding standards, conduct extensive testing, and guarantee thorough code reviews.

How does Imenso Software address scalability challenges in AngularJS development projects?

Scalability is integral to our AngularJS development methodology. We adeptly address the evolving needs and growth of your application by harnessing the robust features and scalable architecture of AngularJS.

Can Imenso Software provide comprehensive documentation and training for AngularJS applications post-development?

Absolutely. We offer detailed documentation and training sessions to empower your team in effectively utilizing and maintaining the AngularJS application. We aim to seamlessly transition and increase your web application's value through expert management.

What is Imenso Software's strategy for managing AngularJS projects and communication during development?

At Imenso Software, we uphold a philosophy of transparent communication and collaborative teamwork throughout the project lifecycle. Our agile approach ensures ongoing involvement through regular updates, feedback integration, and efficient progress tracking at each stage.

What security measures does Imenso Software implement to protect AngularJS applications from potential threats?

At Imenso Software, we prioritize the security of AngularJS applications. We adhere to safe coding, robust data encryption, and rigorous vulnerability assessments to mitigate risks and ensure compliance, giving clients peace of mind about application safety.

Words of Appreciation

Voices of trust and confidence

The finished platform is excellent, was delivered on time, and matches the quality standards. The team worked efficiently through an agile methodology and is skilled at what they do.
Andres Mark
The web application exceeded my expectations. It was a lengthy project, but the team at Imenso stayed on top of development, fixing any issues no matter what time of day. It was an effective partnership.
Apurva Harne
Imenso Software performed a difficult WordPress enhancement for me. It required a new fresh design with changes to my shopping cart, paid member services, and membership management. I highly recommend Imenso Software for web related work.
Tom Updegrove
We were looking to double our business, and the Imenso Software solutions helped us with that. Their team effort improved the website’s efficiency and improved the margins. They are always quick to reply and very proactive in everything they do.
Niko Zeus
It’s been a positive experience working with Imenso Software on B2B and B2C applications. Their IT team is talented and hardworking. We value our partnership and will continue to collaborate in the future.
Alice Nova
The team at Imenso delivers satisfactory work for our clients. Working for the client’s framework. They have a good communication system and manage everything well. They consistently show commitment to their work.
Amelia Lyra
The Imenso team is highly expert at Power BI but it’s the proactive, energetic approach they take to our challenges that I value the most. They’re a true partner – an extension of our team in every way. I recommend them without hesitation.
John Joseph
We had a need to develop web application for one of our product so we were looking for a partner who could implement the same for us. That’s when we found Imenso. Their team is well experienced in all aspects starting from design to implementation.
Vinoth Kumar Rajapandian
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