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Project MBJ
Industry eCommerce
  • Admin panel
  • Product catalog
  • Product wishlist
  • Support panel

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Project Brief

A premium app that help users to explore the jewellery of their choice, add to favourites and ask for real time support with socket based communication system.


We’ve created a powerful backend which can be managed by different user types with their respective roles. This backend is used to invite customers, add products and support customers.

The customers can browse the products via website or using a mobile application. While looking for the jewelry of their choice they are holistically assisted by the customer support executives using a real-time chat.


Admin Panel

Used for managing overall website inventory, customers and users in multiple stores based out of multiple cities.


Product Catalog

Customers can browse the jewellary items, add them to their wishlist and communicate with executive if they have any questions.


Product Wishlist

The wishlist helps the customers to shortlist the products. They can have a product based chat and live product demonstrations with support executive.


Support Panel

The store executives can view the browsing patterns like their wishlist, most liked products, most visited products etc. of their assigned customers and help them understand the jewellery products.

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