Instagram Hacks: Get More Views On Reels To Boost Your Engagement

Instagram Hacks

Instagram is one of the top social platforms for creators to show off their talents. The social media giant is known to listen to its users and keep updating its features. From a mere photo-sharing site, Instagram has now evolved to be the place where everyone hangs out. To rival Snapchat’s story feature, it introduced stories as well. And the latest feature rolled out around the world is reels. The small video-making functionality lets users share video in a short format combined with audio and text.  

Reels was introduced to rival its competitor TikTok and focus on the Genz users more.  

Just yesterday, Insta extended the reels duration from 15 seconds and 30 seconds to 60 seconds as well.  

For both creators and companies, an influential presence on Instagram is central to being a regular part of users’ mind space. And reels are the best way to make that happen in the least amount of time. Even Instagram favors the most liked reels and puts them in the explore section.  

So today, we have created a list of hacks that both creators and businesses can use to level up their social media marketing game.  

Before posting any more reels, read this post.  

1. It all starts with a video  

As you know, a reel is a video. Shooting a new reel and hitting post is all you have to do. But sometimes, we overcomplicate things. We are here to remind you – don’t. Follow these simple tips and make your most liked reel yet.  

1.1 Keep it simple

There is so much content out there, to get inspired with it is great, but if you keep delaying to post your first reel because you want it to be perfect. Let us tell you – it will never be good enough. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that a good reel requires master editing skills or professional lighting. Just speak your mind and show your creativity.  

1.2 pull them instantly

Grab the follower’s attention in the first few seconds and engage for the whole video. Put some thought into creating a compelling start for your reel.  

1.3 use AR effects

Integrating with new technologies first automatically takes you one step ahead of the competitors. Use AR effects to create visually attractive posts. You can search the hashtag #AREffects to see how others are using it and get discovered too.  

1.4 remix or collab with others

If you find a customer’s post about your product, don’t miss the opportunity to show it to the rest of the community. Collab with them and show your reaction to their post with remixes on reel. Collaboration is how people connect on Instagram. So use that to your advantage to become an important member of your online tribe.  

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2. Trigger a “literally me response.” 

Have you paid attention to why stand-up comedians and sarcastic meme pages have such a dedicated following? They talk about the most relatable things.  

You can also apply the same hack to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Take an everyday moment that relates to many people and evoke the “omg this is some” response and turn it into a reels game changer for your brand.  

You can also follow a trend. Pick a trend and put your own mix to it. Also, don’t forget to tag the creator who inspired you to take the trend. If they share your post, you will also get their user base’s eyes.  

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3. Connect with your audience  

The best way to shine on reels is to start a trend. You might not hit it off the first time but keep trying. Make content that people would want to try themselves. Add a clear call to action in the caption so that viewers know what you want them to do. Use text to invite viewers to join the trend. You can also tag creators to be a part of the trend and make it big.  

Tell your audience clearly how you want them to engage with the reel? Please share it, remix with it, tag friends, or something else. You can do so by putting in the caption or using text in the reel itself.  

4. Read some stats  

Instagram has launched reels insight to help creators track their reach, new views, and followers count all in one place. Use insights to understand which post is vibing with your audience or which post has the most shares and likes. If your content is being ranked in the suggested reels section, it is a good indication that people like that kind of content. You should create more of the same.  

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5. Use text  

The cover photo of your reel is important, just like YouTube. When a new viewer or user lands on your page and sees the reels section, they should be able to choose which reel to watch easily. Text frame in the video, when used as the cover photo, will let users pick what speaks to their interest. And they are more likely to stay and watch what they like rather than wasting time on the most recent ones and then bouncing back.  

Text creates the context for users when scrolling without sound.  

6. All about audio  

When posting a video tutorial for makeup or a recipe for a dish, it’s best to give a voiceover using your voice. Users prefer quick and easy steps to create something. You can mix up your voiceover with trending music and add the hashtag for more reach so that people can find your reel from the audio page.  

For musicians, music companies, and artists, use your own audio. This way, you get your audio page which other creators can use in their reels too. Every time a user adds your audio, it gets more credibility which adds to you and helps you get discovered quickly.  

Save the audio from the audio tab in reels that inspires you.  

7. Test your content  

If you have a new idea to make a reel, don’t hesitate to post it. Your job is not to worry about what every follower thinks; your job is to create awesome content.  

As soon as you get a new idea, try it. Even Instagram keeps testing new reel formats; you never know what you’re afraid of posting, users might like, and the post ends up landing in the featured zone.  

These are the seven hacks to help you tank more views on reels and boost your engagement. And along with hacks, we should also talk about some bad practices which may harm your reputation on Instagram.  

What not to do  

What not to do 

1. Create your videos  

Editing a video from another platform and posting it on reels is not going to make the cut. Consumers seem to get bored with repetitive content and stop paying attention. So be more creative and post new videos. You will lose your credibility and influence in a very short time with recycled content.  

2. Use relevant hashtags  

Don’t use hashtags only to get featured like #explorepage and #featured, rather use hashtags relevant to your content, #travelinspo #southindiandishes, and others. Frequently adding irrelevant hashtags will not get your post in front of the right audience segment, which will reduce the engagement eventually.  

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Mindset hack  

Before we wrap up the blog post, let’s add another hack to your Instagram game.  

For brands and creators, creating videos for the first time can be a little intimidating. Don’t think like you can’t make reels. These tips are to remind you that it doesn’t take much to shoot a reel-worthy video. Don’t try to make it perfect; just start.  

Ready to get more views on reels? 

We hope the hacks mentioned above will help you get more views on Insta reels and further engage your customers. If you need more assistance, contact our social media marketing company to stir up your Instagram strategy.  


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