How To Grow Your Local Business Through Digital Marketing?

It should come as no surprise that local businesses can appeal to a new segment of local customers through digital means. There are many strategies to go about it. With the high potential of target ad marketing, local businesses can effortlessly attract customers. While it is easy to say and hard to execute, you must incorporate the right strategy for your digital campaigns to be successful.  

Local shops can also utilize the free classifieds, Google local business listings, social media marketing, email marketing and many other ways to promote their business.  

Here we have listed 10 effective ways to grow and build your local brand through clever digital techniques and win over competitors.  

1. Give a customary call to action  

The purpose of a clear call to action is just this – to give clear instructions to the public out in the open that gradually help your potential prospects become potential customers.  

A customary call to action (CTA) is important for all successful digital marketing campaigns of your local business. This is so because CTAs are focused on a buyer’s journey through the marketing funnel. Whether it’s a Facebook ads campaign for an ongoing seasonal sale or Google ads campaign, CTAs helps prospects move further to the next level of the funnel.   

A powerful CTA can build a personality for your brand specific to the language of the industry your business operates in and establishes a different level of prominence.  

2. Device a compelling messaging strategy  

An interesting study by in April 2021 titled Cell Phone Behavior in 2021: How Obsessed Are We? Revealed that on average an American (18 years and above) checks their phone 262 times per day. that‘s every 5.5 minutes!  

While this number is staggeringly high, the attention of people is significantly down. You just get a few seconds to convey your message and make a connection with the customers. That is why the emphasis on a compelling and swift messaging strategy.   

To make those few seconds count, craft a simple, engrossing and fuss-free message. Your primary goal here is to leave a lasting impression and hook your end-user through lots of incentives spread over the Facebook ad post and landing page. But don’t mix any complex language or clutter on it, ideally, the ad should be persuasive yet elegant.  

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3. Custom build landing pages  

Custom build landing pages

Apart from creating the perfect Facebook ad and posts as part of your digital marketing strategy for local business, it is also needed to create perfect landing pages. Sometimes to save time and money you might think it’s fine to link your Google ads, social media posts, etc to the homepage of your business website. But can you anticipate how the visitors will react to the website page after landing on it? Did they find what they were looking for? What if they don’t?  

So, to make sure that visitors land on relevant places through your digital marketing campaigns, put in the extra effort of creating customized landing pages for every campaign. When you make sure that visitors get exactly what they are looking for in the least number of steps it shows that you respect their valuable time while getting maximum output for your business.  

In short, give people what they’re impatiently searching online with hyper-focused landing pages.  

4. Put consistent content on social media  

Just making a business page on every social media platform ain’t gonna cut it. You have to regularly post and reach out to your customers and let them know the daily offers and specials. Posting daily will turn your prospects into repeatedly engaged customers.  

Also, don’t post only salesy content on Facebook and other social media platforms. No doubt, promotion is important but don’t just fixate all the social media content around it.  

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There are many creative ways to post relevant and engaging content on social media. For instance, you can convert blogs and guides into a list of concise points to give away free information, tricks and tactics about the industry domain your business is associated with. You can also utilize other content forms such as infographics, GIFs, videos to illustrate your business value and brand.   

More content means more engagement and thus more comments from your consumers. Be mindful to keep meaningful conversations going in the comments section. Don’t take negative criticism too seriously, respond to it practically. To find out what went wrong with unhappy customers, send a personal message asking for their opinion. Thus, using their anger and discontent as a step to build better products and services. Additionally, replying to the negative comments shows that as a business you care for all your customers and listen to them patiently.  

If you want creative content solutions for your business’s social media profiles, consult our digital marketing and social media management team. 

5. Work on the SEO  

Investing in SEO can work wonders for your business. Google supports small businesses by listing them on top of search results to local users. Along with your social media content, implementing a powerful SEO strategy is like putting the cherry on top of your digital marketing efforts.  

Thorough website optimization will rank your local business on top of searchers. In two simple steps, you can enhance the Google presence of your business and reach your digital marketing goals.  

  1. Update about your sales and discounts regularly on the Google my business page  
  2. Fill in all the details about your services and products accurately in the information sections of your Google my business dashboard along with the right keywords.  

You can also work to get reviews on Google from your customers.  

All these tasks will position your local shop on the first page of SERPs and also help discover it in a friction-free manner.  

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6. Gain from content marketing strategy 

Quality content is the foundation for building long term SEO results. It is the process of adding blogs and articles to get higher ranks on Google. Content is a great pillar to attract and inform your customers about your local business.  

For creating creative content you should work to find new and gripping blog topics that address the general questions and concerns of your target consumers. One important reminder here is to know what your audience wants otherwise your efforts and time will go in vain.  

7. Convert with customer referrals 

Convert with customer referrals

Don’t hesitate while asking for referrals from your customers. Many of them will be happy to provide referrals when insisted upon. Although some of them might not be as interested in doing it on the first go, still you must at least try.  

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Referrals are the textbook way of word of mouth marketing. It is an impactful strategy for local business to acquire new customers through referrals as they will start with a positive image of your product or services. So if you refrain from asking for referrals you are potentially losing a lot of opportunities for marketing and growth.  

8. Nurture your customer relationship 

An august 2020 study from stated that 65% of an enterprise business comes from previous customers.  

This is no surprise. Every business owner knows that existing customers are less expensive than acquiring new ones. It’s because of this reason you must integrate strategies to build lasting relationships with your customers in your digital marketing plan. The easier way to do this through email marketing.  

You can give away a free gift or coupon code for future purchases in exchange for customer’s email who are visiting your website. After acquiring the mail addresses ensure that your messages are crisp, relevant and informative.  

9. Embrace new technologies 

All the social media platforms keep evolving. Through the years even you have noticed so many changes and new trends in technology. The goal here is not to get comfortable with the old methods. Keep adapting, ride the trends and move fast. Because if you don’t, your business will be left behind.  

For instance, audio rooms and stories are the hottest trends on almost every social media platform these days. With the clubhouse app and Twitter spaces, influencers and enterprises are hosting their audio sessions with their followers. You can also take to stories and audio sessions to keep updating new events and offers of your local business.  

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Take advantage of new technologies and keep in mind that most of the time your customers are also moving on the same trends as your business is. It’s the best way to be with your customers.  

10. Collaborate with supportive businesses 

Make use of smart collaborations with mutually profitable and non-competitive businesses in your local area. Help each other out by enticing customers digitally with cross-promotions on social media, collective discounts, coupons and other benefits.  

Be creative and work together to acquire a larger customer base by reaching out to new customers of individual businesses in the group.  

It is true that owners know their business best. But nowadays managing a business along with posting regular stories on social media, optimizing website pages and putting regularly updated blogs might be a little overwhelming. With a little help and expert digital marketing strategies in place, your business can become a local star.  

Take the next step towards growing your local business; contact our experienced digital marketing experts today.


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