Trading platform facilitating B2B interactions

Project Alietc
Industry B2B Marketplace
  • Multi-vendor portal capabilities
  • Quote/RFQ/RFP
  • Microsite for vendors
  • Real-time messaging
  • Paid membership

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Project Brief

Alietc is a B2B trading platform that provides sales opportunities for all engaged in business; from suppliers, and manufacturers to wholesalers and importers.

The client has a product directory on the WordPress platform that was very slow and not supported multi-vendor capabilities. We help them to convert the whole WordPress platform into a custom application that is fast and scalable. The core challenges were:

  • Migration – Migrating the large WordPress database to the new application without affecting the URL structure.
  • Speed – Speed optimization as the application has a very large amount of products.
  • Multi User – The application needs to be extensible for new user types such as suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and importers.

All in one capacity B2B marketplace that effectively match sellers and buyers expectations.


Product Catalog

Complete product information that helps in buyers making effective purchase decisions.


Multi vendor portal capabilities

Seller can sign up and get themselves verified on the portal. Thereafter they can list or bulk import their products.



End to end quotation management including shortlisting, commenting and awarding the final quotation for bulk orders.


Micro site for vendors

Vendor has a unique link to showcase their products, personal information and receiving contact requests.


Paid membership for sellers

Admin can create different subscription packages for sellers to provide access to various levels of content and features.


Multiple User Panels


Advance Search and filters


Bulk import and export


Supplier Verification

What we have achieved

A multinational platform that provides sales opportunities for all engaged in business; from suppliers, manufacturers to wholesalers and importers.


Million Trade Lead Database


Of Product Categories


Increase in Daily Quotes


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