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Enhance the efficiency of your company or startup with automatizing tedious and time consuming tasks with secure infrastructure and cloud computing services. Cloud computing can help you improve accuracy and effectiveness in the deployment of scripts as well as making teams more active, monitoring operations and tracking the performance of your business to achieve its goals.

With our extensive expertise in the field of cloud computing, we provide various cloud integration and computing solutions and services that assist businesses to thrive in the dynamic market scenario.

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    Reach your business goals faster with cloud computing solutions

    In the course of time, we’ve developed the core competencies and strength of our cloud computing team that allow us to be capable of meeting the requirements of our larger clients, including ISVs, digital businesses and even enterprises.

    We understand the requirements of small and large enterprises and that one size doesn’t suit everyone. For instance, our custom cloud services integrate cutting edge technology into enterprise ecosystems to maximize their process’ potential.


    Cloud computing services to empower businesses

    Of all the companies that provide cloud computing services, Imenso software's unique blend of services cover every requirement of businesses. We help you gain complete cloud control across SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.

    IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

    IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

    Our IaaS cloud solutions help you pick the right set of cloud resources to fulfill your requirements. Along with minimizing costs on server, data storage and optimization of the system for improving flexibility and efficiency.

    SaaS (Software as a service)

    SaaS (Software as a service)

    The most common use of cloud services is SaaS. It eases manual operations for companies, increases data security and improves consumer experience. Our cloud computing team builds SaaS products with the latest technology.

    PaaS (Platform as a service)

    PaaS (Platform as a service)

    Cloud platforms are built to increase the speed of deployment multifold and promote stability of the content management system. We offer cloud solutions to bring more transparency and focus to business operations.

    cloud integration

    Cloud Integration Services

    We provide top notch cloud integration services to clients and businesses to help them utilize the technology more. Our skilled cloud developers ensure that your company operations run efficiently and have access to information securely.

    Application Integration

    Cloud Migration Services

    With our top-of-the-line migration solutions, companies will be able to provide a massive transformation to their current cloud standards. We help in the transition of operating applications to the cloud infrastructure, so as to keep up with ever-growing demands of business.

    API Development

    Cloud Optimization

    Our cloud computing solutions with increased capacity brings more transparency into processes and in line performance. Cloud optimization resources and maintenance works best for the business environment of small and large enterprises.


    Top benefits of cloud computing solutions

    We use modern cloud technologies for faster deployment with agile practices. Our experts develop and integrate new infrastructure within the timeline and budget. Here are more benefits of cloud computing for enterprises.

    low cost


    Cloud computing infrastructure solutions eliminates the cost to maintain inhouse hardware, software, server operations and more.

    high speed


    With just a few clicks, cloud solutions can compute huge amounts of data. Cloud solutions bring more speed and flexibility to business functions.

    high productivity


    No need for hours spent on installing and maintaining hardware and software in IT firms. Cloud computing brings more focus in achieving goals of a business.

    high performance


    Cloud systems are constantly evolved for better function. It offers a lot of benefits for application management and increases efficiency as well.

    highly reliable


    With cloud computing solutions, in any unfavourable event there are no issues of data loss or recovery. It is available in abundance in multiple locations.



    Cloud servers are constantly monitored for attacks. You can be sure that your data, app information, and infrastructure is well protected.

    Why Us

    Why adopt cloud computing solutions?

    Our cloud computing solutions, allows you to save an enormous amount of capital that could be used to create the huge storage channels. Cloud software provides an enclosing system to process, store and access massive amounts of data at a low price.

    Cost Efficient

    More Savings

    With the help of Cloud applications, businesses can cut down on the use of huge data storage machines and reduce the investment in IT and the connected servers.



    Cloud applications are tuned to the highest standards of collaboration and permit users to share their information with ease.

    Complex Data Interpretation

    Easy Data Transfers

    The applications and projects running are easily transferred to cloud servers to assist in processing the data in a more efficient method. This allows for an environment that is flexible to process and store information in a more convenient manner.


    Reduced Cost Structure

    Cloud technology eliminates the need for purchasing equipment to process the data, and it also reduces the expense of the construction of distinct data centres. This helps to save an enormous amount in one run.

    QA and Testing Services

    Offers Unimagined Mobility

    Cloud integration services Cloud integration services enable users to retrieve data and data from anywhere around the globe via tablets and smartphones.

    Environmental Safe

    Environmental Safe

    Because cloud computing can reduce the requirement for massive devices and data centres It helps to cut the amount of heat that is released onto the environment.


    Advanced cloud computing solutions and services for all sectors

    With complete clarity about the project or product, we continuously build cloud software to help different segments in the marketplace. Our cloud computing solutions have helped large corporations to test their products that are complex in a variety of sectors. Check out.

    healthcare industry


    The cloud computing services are designed to improve the outcomes of different healthcare clients, including hospitals, healthcare establishments and health care for the government by taking softwares to the cloud for digital record keeping and patient care management administrative systems, and much more.

    Education Industry


    We provide IT cloud computing solutions to improve the quality of teaching at schools, universities and colleges, to address the challenges of education with the help of modern IT technology. Our cloud services have proven effective in the use of the latest technology to enhance the learning experience.

    Finance Industry


    Our cloud computing services provide experts in all aspects of banking to help boost growth and performance of the bank that includes financial markets, retail payments as well as corporate banking. We move banking software to cloud in order to solve problems with finances and build long-term connections.

    retail and ecommerce industry

    Retail & eCommerce

    Our cloud computing services for the retail and e-commerce sector are caused by the rapid changes in consumer demand. We are committed to assisting the reliability of e-commerce websites and mobile applications that can modernize your systems quickly.

    Insurance Industry


    We assist in the digitization of insurance companies to improve efficiency and the satisfaction of clients. A seamless digital experience for customers is the most important element to the success of a business and our innovative cloud solutions aid in this.

    Manufacturing Industry


    Manufacturing is evolving and to aid companies in navigating this transition, we provide innovative and durable solutions quickly. Our offshore cloud computing services offer migration, development and maintenance that helps companies meet the latest trends in the market.

    travel industry

    Travel & Hospitality

    Our cloud computing solutions provide an exclusive blend of cutting-edge testing for the travel and hotel sector as well as its sub-sectors. We help businesses that operate in the field of travel to create an omnichannel presence as well as a seamless customer experience.

    Real Estate Industry

    Real Estate

    Our team of cloud tech experts for real estate professionals at Imenso Software covers every aspect of quality software analysis, enabling the launch of digital solutions for managing properties that are listed, sold and the managing tenants.

    logistics industry

    Logistics & Transportation

    Our cloud computing company offshore is increasing the speed of automation and digitization to meet the needs of customers in the logistics industry through modernized software that support distribution systems logistics management, as well as sustainable transport.

    entertainment industry

    Media & Entertainment

    Imenso Software helps entertainment companies to create, publish and manage content across multiple channels from one central location with a speedy pace. We offer cloud services that comprise technical quality control and improvements to business processes.

    Automotive Industry


    We provide a range of outsourcing IT cloud services for automobile manufacturers. We move data to cloud and production management to marketing campaigns, and inventory. Our cloud solutions aid in improving efficiency and production.

    Engagement Models

    Affordable pricing models to choose from

    No matter what your company needs, our cloud computing and infrastructure services hiring models help your business gain complete control over processes, manage risks and improve business results.

    Ready To Get Started?

    Stay ahead from competition with advanced, automated and innovative cloud computing services at the best prices. Imenso Software has more than a decade of experience in building cloud products for all big and small enterprises. 

    Case Studies

    Our cloud expertise stories

    From working on offshore cloud solutions to continuous maintenance for all types of companies and industries, our experience is vast and extensive. Dig into the details to know more about our working process, client interactions and handling.

    Human Resource
    Streamlining the process of placing right candidates to right company

    Imenso Software developed a web platform for one of the leading recruitement consulting firm that help companies to provide higher management level human resources.

    View Case Study
    Learn how 1000s of NGOs are improving their sustainability

    A platform having easy to use tools that help build NGO credibility, simplify reporting, create transparency and promote collaboration between NGOs and Sponsors.

    View Case Study
    Making translation as easy as ordering a cab

    A marketplace that helps businesses to translate their business documents to any language using the world's top freelance translators.

    View Case Study
    A new way to explore premium jewellery

    A premium app that help users to explore the jewellery of their choice, add to favorites and ask for real time support with socket based communication system.

    View Case Study
    Learn a foreign language, as taught by native

    A simple web and mobile application that helps its users to learn a foreign language by matching a native teacher, scheduling the classes, online lesson reviews etc.

    View Case Study
    Human Resource
    Validating employee assessment and internal appraisals

    Develop a web based platform to facilitate the organization's employee assessment and internal recruitment process.

    View Case Study
    A tool to test medical coding knowledge for healthcare professionals.

    One of the leading organisation in healthcare reached us to build a web based tool that help professionals to test medical coding knowledge and grade them on their scores.

    View Case Study
    A "do it yourself" marketing automation tool

    Our client is one of the start-ups based in US who wants to pitch the small business owners to automate their marketing activities.

    View Case Study
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    See what our customers are saying

    Our cloud computing services have been rewarded by enterprises all over the world. The top companies in their industries trust our testing and quality services to build cloud products with no error on time.


    Pamela Frost
    Director - Because Pty Ltd.


    We found Imenso Software to be a great company to work with, they are very responsive in terms of understanding our needs, in fact they suggested us a better technology to develop our employee engagement tool.


    Arvind Patil
    UL LLC


    Imenso is the right knowledge center who understood our business requirement & developed software tool in no time. The system is very user friendly which can be adopted by all employees. Also, Imenso promise to give aftersale service is really appreciable.


    James Harakaly
    Republic Systems


    Top notch team! Very flexible with quickly updating and optimizing our website. We are looking forward to working with Imenso for a long time and continuing to update and new and exciting content to our site.


    Tom Updegrove
    VP - Joe Lewis Fighting Systems


    Imenso Software performed a difficult WordPress enhancement for me. It required a new fresh design with changes to my shopping cart, paid member services, and membership management. I highly recommend Imenso Software for web related work.


    Frequently asked questions about cloud services

    Moving all the operations to the cloud can be daunting in the beginning. To ease that transition for you we have curated a list of most asked questions from our previous clients. Have a read.

    Is Cloud computing the same as software-as-a-service?

    It is possible to say that SaaS was the catalyst for the move toward cloud computing because it demonstrated the possibility that the IT solutions could be made accessible through the Web. Although SaaS providers initially did not utilize the term Cloud for their services Analysts now view SaaS as one among the many different subsets of the cloud computing marketplace.

    What kinds of services do you provide in Cloud computing?

    Our services consist mainly of SaaS, IaaS, PaaS along with the cloud application development and maintenance.

    What kinds of applications can I run on the Cloud?

    Technically, you are able to put any app in cloud storage. With high capacity to store data and host a number of users at the same time, it is easy to use cloud technologies anytime, anywhere.

    These are the best resources for increasing productivity and connectivity in a business.

    What is cloud computing?

    Cloud computing can be described as the use of an internet-connected network of servers that are hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data instead of having it hosted locally. Cloud computing basically means making use of infrastructure and hardware, which can reduce the amount of capital investment your company needs to make.

    How can I tell whether Cloud is the right choice for my company?

    Companies who decide to move to the Cloud choose to do so due to a variety of reasons. The advantages of flexibility, scalability and cost savings and so on. are evaluated against the availability issues. It is important to consider the availability of cloud services. Cloud is the right choice for your business from both a strategic and operational viewpoint.

    How do you develop an effective cloud strategy?

    Our process of developing a cloud strategy starts with defining your goals in terms of business and technical. Know what are the main reasons that will drive your business to move towards the Cloud and the solutions these drivers need.

    Your cloud strategy could be to begin small and slowly or you could be ready to jump into the cloud. After we’ve identified your requirements then we determine the best cloud strategy for you. include private, public or hybrid cloud services. We create a roadmap and timetable to implement your transition to the Cloud.

    Could you provide me with information about some of your clients that you've worked with before?

    We are among the most reputable offshore software developers in India. Brands such as Domino’s, Marks & Spencer, Liberty, Allianz, and many more have entrusted us over the years.