A "do it yourself" marketing automation tool

Project Diy Marketeer
Industry B2B Marketplace
  • Email marketing
  • Landing page campaigns
  • SMS marketing
  • Generate QR codes
  • Website health check

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Diy Marketeer
Project Brief

Our client is one of the start-ups based in US who wants to pitch the small business owners to automate their marketing activities.

We worked in time and material model with our client to cater any dynamic change request in the best efficient manner.


We developed a SaaS based application that lets small and mid-size businesses to set up and promote their brands digitally.

The core features includes, email marketing, landing page campaigns and social media marketing. Furthermore, it help users to set up marketing strategies, create to-do lists and manage their calendars.


Marketing Strategy

Create marketing strategies in terms of well defined goals, tactics, budget and timeframe.


To-Do lists

Add list of time bound tasks and assign to team members.



An intuitive and dynamic calendar that lets add, edit and move tasks and events on a particular time.


Social Media Marketing

Track the followers and schedule the posts across all social media channels.


Email Marketing

Send bulk emails monitor the results with insightful analytics.


Landing page campaigns

Build A/B landing pages and compare them based on their lead conversion rate and other varients.


SMS Marketing

Send bulk mobile SMS with uploading the contacts via CSV file.


Generate QR Codes

Choose a format from prebuilt templates, customize as per your need and share QR Codes.


Website Health Check

Run test to check how healthy your website is in terms of web standards.


Marketing Knowledge Base

Educate the users with all inbound marketing knowledge.


Help Desk

A help desk to assist users if there is any trouble coming in the way.



A quick summary of all marketing activities are presented in an intuitive dashboard.

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