A tool to test medical coding knowledge for healthcare professionals

Project Closed Loop Audit
Industry Healthcare
  • Test creation
  • Assignments
  • Incubator
  • Scores and feedback

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Closed Loop Audit
Project Brief

Creation, review/approval, and assignment of medical coding scenarios referred to as “Incubator Cases” to test medical coding knowledge of a given scenario.

Incubator Cases utilize the same, already developed code, to administer each of these simulations and grade them. The CLA Tool should create a mechanism for creation of Incubator Cases in an efficient manner and allows for administration of them. Furthermore, the SSO login with Azure for all the existing users required to be integrated.


We analyzed the work process and segmented the application for four types of users namely, administrator, CLA creators, CLA managers and standard users that creates the codes.

All these users can login with SSO and redirected to their roles. Managers create and assign incubator cases to standard users. The users can attempt the test and get the detailed feedback and score they achieved.


Test Creation

A code test has been created while selecting the required documents, tags and rationale.



Further, the test is published and assigned to standard users.



Here, the users can attempt the test and get the scores, feedback for wrong codes and recommend codes to study based on their test scores.


Scores and Feedback

In work list the users can see the comprehensive score and evaluation of their attempted tests.

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