How Power BI Consulting can take your Business to Next Level?

How Power BI Consulting can take your Business to Next Level?

Business intelligence is a key component for an enterprise in the pursuit to be more efficient, innovative and competitive. For companies around the world, every day different business processes pile up huge amounts of data and as the company grows it becomes difficult to constantly manage and harness insights from such big chunks of data produced through various channels.  

That is why cloud-based business intelligence services are highly appreciated to collect data from all sources and present it in a visually interactive and coherent fashion. Establishing a self-servicing business intelligence and an analytical solution will help companies bring out hidden insights, predict conclusions and promote data-backed decision making.  

With its incomparable industry-leading experience of 13 consecutive years, Microsoft came up with its data collection and analysis tool in 2014. Since then it has been vastly popular to drive business growth with its powerful features and visualization options.  

An Intelligent Solution  

Power BI is a cloud-based data accumulation tool by Microsoft which examine data to help enterprises produce and share data-driven insights. Leveraging detailed visualization, report creation and built-in business intelligence capabilities, Power BI enables leaders to navigate an overall view of business performance with decisive parameters in real-time across all devices.  

Let’s discuss top feature and benefits of Microsoft Power BI 

top feature and benefits of Microsoft Power BI
  • Unify data on a Single Dashboard 

The most distinguished feature of Microsoft Power BI are the customized themed dashboards which can integrate all the information related to a company. A business has data scattered over QuickBooks, Google analytics, Facebook analytics, Instagram, Twitter and more. Microsoft Power BI lets you collect all the business data in one place. 

When you can see how the dollars spent are measuring up, you can decide whether to keep a project running or change course. Whether the data is from local servers or other websites, Power BI integrates it all in a single dashboard.  

  • Personalized Report Building 

Power BI allows users to visualize, prepare and create a personalized report with a few clicks on their PC. Even for a non-technical person, it is easy to dissect data in a visual form that speaks to them and draw relevant conclusions. The reporting analytics are available in several languages with sharing options via content packs for easy data understanding, communication and exchange. 

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The latest update from Microsoft in 2020 increases the user’s capability to edit and bookmark the visuals without asking for author’s permission. Also, the reports created can be updated automatically to get the most recent data available across the organization.  

  • Access Data Everywhere  

In a world run by mobile computing, the business needs to update and adapt quickly. Microsoft Power BI is not just desktop-bound, every ounce of data can be connected over mobile and other web-based applications and servers.  

Users can access rapid, user-driven information while commuting from work or taking their dog to park. The development of Power BI mobile app has been a game-changer.  

  • Seamless Integration with no Expert Tech Support  
Seamless Integration with no Expert Tech Support 

Microsoft Power BI has no legacy constraints and thus it easily integrates into any existing business ecosystem without much technical support or expertise. 

Besides Microsoft applications like excel, SharePoint document or SQL databases, Power BI can also access data from other software solutions as well and create a centralized dashboard and reports with a click. 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience  

For every business small or big, it is needful to keep your customers happy and satisfied. 

Are you confident that every customer’s query has been solved timely? How long since you replied to that customer email? 

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 Power BI can be a great help for managing customer experience, maintain a workflow for queries and might even prevent some from occurring. 

  • No Storage or Speed Restrains 

Imagine having to open thousands of folders of data in excel for reports analysis and comparison. It will take forever to load those millions of rows of excel data.  

Microsoft Power BI offers the best solution for speed and memory. It operates on a large bandwidth to quickly upload and convert massive data into easy to digest dashboard information.  

With Microsoft Power BI it is easy to shift all your data on the cloud without any memory constraint.  

The Power BI embedded lets you transfer as much data on the cloud to be recovered anywhere and broken down in pieces in seconds. Not just that, while uploading large files and folders, Power BI compresses the size without compromising the quality.   

  • Easy Installation 

To implement Power BI, the necessity for engineering or any technical support is minimal. Even someone with very little Power BI development experience can create an API key and plug it into the system to get started.  

  • Low costs and fast turnarounds 

By analyzing recent data and running the “what if” scenarios, Power BI makes it easy to predict future trends and how will the business get along.  

Furthermore, internal analysis also saves money and accurately predict how to manage your business funds and investments for the future.  

Power BI helps to manage the present business and prepare for the future. 

  • Get business intelligence faster  

Get lightning fast business intelligence insights and make more accurate and impactful business decisions with the creatively visualized reports from Microsoft Power BI consultants.  

To Conclude: 

With both desktop and mobile configurations, Power BI can be a great tool to integrate thousands of data achieve, produce easy-to-read visual reports and share across organizations to scale your enterprise.  

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Imenso Software is a leading Microsoft Power BI and business intelligence consultancy, we work to create and implement software solutions to lead enterprises and businesses towards online success. 


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