Why Small & Medium-Sized Businesses Need A Mobile App?

Why Small & Medium-Sized Businesses Need A Mobile App?

Many small business owners still think that technology as a business tool is for big tech companies and media publications. But mobile has levelled the playing field for everybody. Whether it’s a multi-billion dollar company or a social media influencer from a remote town of Alaska. The customers of all businesses have a mobile device. 

Through mobile, SMBs and local businesses can reach their audience as other international businesses. The number of people using mobile is staggering and is continuously increasing. 

While someone may ask whether a mobile app adds any value for SMBs, and it is considered that it might not make the return on investment as expected instantly, still we think that for a majority of small-town businesses, a mobile app can make a significant turnaround for present and the future revenue as well. 

Today we’ll discuss 9 reasons which will convince you to build a mobile app for your business

1. New Marketing Channel 

Marketing has gone digital after the invention of the internet, not because it’s cheaper or easy. But because that is where humans spend a major part of their life. From texting friends for coffee to planning a whole wedding, mobile has the luxury of everybody’s attention. 

In the new digital age, where there are multiple marketing channels, it is required for businesses to be present on all of them and a mobile app is the way to do that. 

Building a mobile app adds a brand new channel to market your business products and services. 

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2. Easy Customer Acquisition 

Small businesses struggle to get new customers to try their products. Mobile apps can help with that. With proper advertisement and marketing of your app, it becomes easy to make people download your app. 

The next step after acquiring new customers is keeping them connected with the business. Every smart business doesn’t just have a relationship until the sell but after they pay as well. By providing limited time offers + push notifications, all your customers stay in touch with the business constantly and will buy too.   

3. Business Analytics Collection 

Business Analytics Collection

A mobile app tracks every little detail. It is one of the best ways to collect a lot of data about user behavior. For instance, you can know which time of the day most users are logged in, what is the engagement ratio, what are the demographics, which product they buy most and more. 

The reports in analytics are presented in colorful charts and graphs, which are easy to interpret and understand. These analytical numbers are the key to understand your customer’s interaction with the business which is crucial for success. 

4. Direct Sales 

Just like selling in a physical store where there is a direct interaction between the customer and you, through a mobile app as well, you can sell directly to the customer. No need for middle men and vendors. With a click, customers buy directly from the business. 

The mobile app can be very profitable for wholesale retailers. Depending upon the size of your audience, this can make a significant difference in sales. 

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Another advantage of having a mobile app for your business is the order and payment through mobile. For many of your customers who don’t like to go out and shop easy online payment and ordering on the mobile app is the best way to keep them loyal to your business. 

5. A Personalization Tool 

As we discussed that mobile applications are very personal for human beings and it also collects a lot of data about consumer behavior. Never before any marketing channel had access to such huge analytics about consumer buying patterns. All kinds of major and minor observable data are present for analysis. Such analytics about your customers are data gold mines. Best bought product, least returned product, most booked slot, or least ordered recipe, everything is available on your screens. 

Using these insights about a particular consumer, personalized recommendations can be created to match the user interest. This will create more positive experiences for your buyers, upsell for your products and happy buyers means happy business. 

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6. Improve Reputation 

Audiences today don’t interact with a business, they interact with the brand. Mobile app access for booking a table, ordering a bouquet or a movies ticket has a positive tech-savvy impression. An image like that has a positive impact on your business. This helps to attract a new audience from different interests and connect with your business. The more tech-friendly gen z, coders and other people who prefer to use apps daily are all potentially your new customers. 

7. Competitive Advantage 

Many small and medium-sized business don’t take full advantage of their websites, let alone the mobile. Many SMBs and local store don’t even have an app. Only 42% of small businesses have mobile apps yet. 

Don’t wait for the trend to catch up and spread like wildfire. The popularity has already started but it’s not too late to start. If you use mobile as a marketing and sales tool intelligently, you can beat 68% of businesses and even more. 

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Move fast while there is minimal competition and build your audience. In today’s world, businesses must turn into brands to make their mark. 

8. Revenue Stream For Business 

Revenue Stream For Business

There are over 2.9 million apps on the Google play store, most of which run on the video ad streaming business model. A mobile app is also a potential revenue stream. After building an audience, when you get some traffic an app is monetize able by itself. It will return its cost in ads revenue in no time.   

9. Personal Access 

A mobile app is an entrance to a customer’s personal space. With the use of a mobile app, your business can be a constant reminder in their life. Through regular app updates, enticing offers, limited-time deals there is a high chance that your loyal customer’s engagement will increase and the new audience will soon start buying from your business. 

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