Why Laravel Development Has Grown 2x From 2021 To 2022?

Why Laravel Development Has Grown 2x From 2021 To 2022

There are several criteria to consider while choosing a PHP framework, from website speed, performance, and scalability to user experiences. In the rapidly transforming and competitive business game field, failing to pick the right web language will bring negative results. 

But the correct framework can work as a strong and lucrative asset for the enterprise, and we highly recommend the Laravel framework for web application development.

Laravel is among the most used PHP frameworks for building websites, apps, and enterprise software systems. It has significant benefits over other web languages, which we will explore in the blog later.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP-based open source web application framework for the backend development of web applications and websites. It follows the model view controller architecture pattern.

There is an increasing craze among brands to opt for Laravel application development.

And it is no surprise why.

Laravel is extremely efficient and robust in developing customized software and web applications for large corporations. The framework works on MVC architecture, allowing Laravel developers to build advanced application features.

Loaded with a complete package of tools and features, the Laravel framework supports application development of complex and large software effortlessly.

Developers vouch for Laravel to deliver excellent outcomes as it helps them make faster applications with clean and reusable code. Laravel offers database relational capabilities and a dependency manager for quick application deployment.

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The framework is enriched with powerful features like handling sessions, caching, security testing, verification, and routing process to create unique websites and applications.

If you are considering outsourcing your website development to an offshore company, ensure they offer the best Laravel development services for websites and applications.

Let’s look at some of the interesting statistics of Laravel usage.

  1. Laravel development is a 2x trending choice for PHP framework development in 2022. Laravel development is a 2x
  2. There are over 761,321 live websites currently using Laravel. There are over 761,321
  3. Laravel has 100,173 unique domains, and as you can see in the map below, a vast number of websites are built with Laravel in the top countries. Laravel has 100,173 unique domains
  4. Many industry verticals prefer Laravel to build websites. The top ones include computers, Electronics & Technology which is 5.63%, science (3.26%), government (2.17) and others. Many industry verticals prefer Laravel
  5. In the USA, 349,424 websites are made with Laravel, the most across the globe.
  6. Web development is the top industry that uses Laravel for programming, followed by digital marketing and software development. Web development is the top industry

Why is Laravel the most used framework in 2022?

Laravel is a rapidly growing web framework with undeniable benefits. In this section, we will dig deeper to understand why Laravel gained so much popularity in 2022.

  • Highly secure 

According to a Forbes study from 2019, the total damage cost of cybercrimes is far more than natural disasters in a year.

Furthermore, 52% of all data breaches were cyber-attacks, per a study from IBM 2020.

In the online world, hacking is the most prevalent threat to any business website and application. For e-stores, public and private corporations with customer data, the danger of data attacks is always there as competitors try to steal it. Safeguarding your customer data is the top priority.

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Laravel provides reliable security parameters that are not readily available with any other framework.

With hashed passwords, SQL injections, and CSRF signs, the PHP framework promotes data protection, security, and privacy for web applications and software. Other important security features Laravel provides are user authentication, password storage, data encryption, and more.

Overall, Laravel increases the security of custom software, websites, and applications better than other PHP frameworks.

  • MVC architecture support 

Laravel follows the Model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It makes it easier for developers to achieve higher performance, simplifies coding, improves documentation, and more.

The MVC pattern provides clear logic and language representation. It uses a Laravel controller to handle requests, interact with the data model and show the final view to the user in the browser. This single function deployment is why Laravel is the most preferred framework for building enterprise applications for corporations and businesses.

The MVC framework is supported by syntax, making it an object-oriented web language. It is best for complex projects requiring developers to deal with unstructured code. The MVC architecture pattern facilitates coding for web applications and provides a support system for easy work.

  • Makes coding easier 

Laravel is the most desirable framework for 2022 because it has a simple and clear code structure with elegant syntax. It also has proper documentation which tells where each file and functionality should be placed. The systemized placement helps developers find files quickly in the application.

With Laravel, developers can implement authentication techniques, easily organize logic, and control access to any resources. The configuration process is also simple to create optimized software solutions.

  • Object-oriented libraries 

Other than Laravel, no other framework offers a wide collection of object-oriented libraries. Neither Symfony, Phalcon, Codeigniter, nor others have such pre-installed libraries and advanced features like password reset, Bcrypt hashing, and others.

Object-oriented libraries like authentication library provide the flexibility to create, modify and deploy high-grade applications faster.

  • The presence of Laravel artisan 

The Laravel framework uses a command line interface, Artisan. The primary function of this command line interface is to save developers time and effort by automatically completing several repetitive tasks. In the web application development project saving such crucial time means a faster market deployment of the product.

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The Laravel artisan command line interface performs many important processes in web development like data migration and others.

  • Faster time 

Another reason developers love Laravel is the combination of inbuilt features and packages to assist in faster development time. It is designed for rapid product delivery.

It is packed with packages for developers so that they don’t need to start from scratch. Packages are also the primary method to increase functions in Laravel, and their functionality varies depending upon the work.

Laravel is built keeping future requirements in mind. It has inbuilt features for all modern demands for a lot of niches. The list of Laravel inbuilt features is long, including template engine, migration system, ORM, etc.

  • Smooth migration of data 

Laravel uses object-relational mapping, ORM, which supports many databases like MySQL, SQLite, SQLServer, and many more.

Data migration using these databases or from one database to another can be quickly done using Laravel. The manual migration of data in the PHP framework is more manageable than others because it does not require any field specification.

Although some frameworks have automated data migration, the ease is more with Laravel as the fields must be defined, which requires more time and expertise.

  • Testing 

Laravel offers the option of Unit Testing. There are a variety of methods that allow the user to facilitate tests of the application. For instance, the Laravel PHP framework offers the default testing framework that can enable unit testing of applications. Additionally, different kinds of tests can be performed to protect against unanticipated failures, errors, or the application freezing in the event of a new update being released by the creator of the software.

  • A dedicated community of developers 

An active community of developers ensures faster development. Laravel community has 44k+ active users worldwide with 18k threads with three days resolution time. Any difficulty already has a solution on the internet, and the thriving community keeps adding new functionalities, user case scenarios, and features to the online library for Laravel developers.

A dedicated community indicates that Laravel is also trending and used by other companies. We can also conclude that Laravel will be used for more years as it is so popular.

The Laravel ecosystem online keeps growing and has thousands of people from the developer community who constantly share their knowledge, experience, and learnings as they progress further in their journey.

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That is why it is easier to find Laravel developers to hire because aspiring developers can learn from online tutorials, articles, and other resources available for free.

  •  Inexpensive 

Laravel is an open-source framework, meaning it’s free to use. The top PHP framework also assists developers in solving complex codes for applications with ease.

In addition to libraries, inbuilt features, ORM, and MVC structure, Laravel also provides a project environment to simplify development. Developers use this environment for fuss-free coding without any programming tasks.


Laravel will serve you exceptionally if your project involves heavy data sets, high user traffic, and out-of-the-box security features.

2022 is a great time to start developing applications with Laravel. The Laravel environment is at its peak, still maturing with every possible use case available. And the statistics show that businesses are eager to use Laravel for web development, and they will continue to do so.

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But every framework has its own limitations, and Laravel is no exception. To make your project a success, consult an experienced Laravel development company to overcome limitations while keeping your requirements in place.

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