Types Of Applications That Can Be Built With Python

Types Of Applications That Can Be Built With Python

Did this ever happen that your favorite restaurant started serving mustard and ketchup on the side rather than putting it in the cheeseburger?

Or has your gym started stacking high-absorbent cotton towels (the soft ones) instead of normal low-absorbent ones? (The soft ones feel different, right?)

And such changes are the most obvious constant in our lives.

It is also the one consistent trend of the tech industry, whether making a digital product design more to user liking or improvising a DevOps process to deliver results faster.

The app business is also about adapting different programming languages to make coding flexible, robust and economic. Developers are always on the hunt to look for a language that can be used in various domains and make futuristic features a reality.

Python is one such programming language in the mobile app development world. It is a simple yet powerful software technology developed by Guido van Rossum for better code readability. Python is a mobile app developer’s favorite tool as it solves a myriad of problems and has high-level functions.

The programming language has many use cases other than mobile and web development space like data science, machine learning and more.

The secret to Python’s popularity

According to the Programming Community index August 2022 by TIOBE, Python language ranks first among the top 20 programming languages used worldwide by skilled engineers.


Python mobile app development is very popular because it offers many benefits to other apps. We can conclude that Python’s popularity is partly due to the following applications.

Below are some of the benefits.

  • Python has a large standard library that makes it simple for developers to create new programs.
  • Developers can also benefit from a rich ecosystem that includes open-source libraries and tools.
  • In AI, data science and web development, developers often use Python programming language.
  • Python is a high-level programming language that provides powerful and efficient solutions for various problems. It is also easy to read and popular because it is simple.
  • Python’s many features, such as its simplicity, speedy development cycles and extensive library support, have steadily helped it grow in popularity over time.
  • Python’s simple and understandable code makes it much easier to work with.
  • Python’s ability to be integrated into other languages is another great feature.
  • Developers can use Python and Django to create apps or develop Web applications completely from scratch.
  • It supports many internet protocols, including XML and JSON. Instagram was the first app to be developed in Jakarta.
  • Python is a popular tool for web development. Python is a framework which makes it easy to develop.
  • Python web development frameworks include Flask and CherryPy, Flask, Pyramids, Django and web2Py.
  • Many of the most visited websites worldwide, such as Google Play, Reddit and Yahoo!, are controlled by this system. Python tools can be used to create scalable web solutions.
  • Python will allow you to create more flexible mobile apps than other programming languages.
  • Python offers many options for automated testing. Automated testing executes features of apps in scripts instead of by humans.

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  • The Python library also has selenium backing and offers a variety of tools for automating testing. These tools are often called CI/CD software acronyms for Continuous Integrity and Continuous Development. They allow testing, compiling, publishing, and deploying to production.
  • Spider bots, also known as web crawling, are used to copy pages from the internet and store them for later Google search engines. This indexing tool speeds up searches.
  • Crawlers can automate tasks that are related to website maintenance. Verify link verification. Because Python is a fast and simple platform for writing such spider bots, it has been widely accepted.
  • Python has excellent image processing capabilities. Python Image Library is an efficient tool for developing software.
  • Although data analysis may seem daunting, it can be very profitable if done correctly and quickly. Python has great libraries such as Pandas and NumPy that simplify data processing. Using a library that displays data in visuals, such as Matplotlib or Seaborn, is extremely useful. Python is well-suited for visualizing rasters and making information more efficient in the visual world. Most people prefer high-quality mobile apps that are based on statistical data.

2022 is the reign of Python as the top programming language because of its vast use cases in building digital products. If your business plans to build software, consult our Python development company on how to make it futuristic and featureful.

What kinds of apps can you build in Python?

What kinds of apps can you build in Python

Console Applications

Console applications are simple commands that use text to complete tasks using a minimal interface. It can also be described as a program written in plain text. This program is ideal for companies that need a fast interface but doesn’t require too much user interaction. Python is a popular CLI language that allows you to communicate with many systems. It also has great syntax. There are many plugins and libraries available for Python. Examples of Python console apps – GitHub and Mercurial.

Administration Applications

We all know how difficult system maintenance can be. It can be difficult to collect and analyze large amounts of data. Python is widely recognized as a powerful device management system that allows developers to use the OS module of an operating system efficiently. Python is a great tool to help you create professional administration apps that simplify your work and save time.

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It allows Python to communicate with the operating system. Python has many uses and offers many benefits. You can build an ecommerce website no matter what you do for your business. This is possible with Python.

Gaming applications

Python is a very easy language to learn, and functional language developers love creating code in this language and building robust applications. Python’s greatest strength is its scalability. This is why it is so popular among developers who use it for game applications.

This is a great advantage when creating complex game scenes. Python allows for real-time testing, which speeds up production. Python has a large library and a wide range of software that can be used to design games. This makes it easier to develop and saves time.

ML & AI Applications

Another exciting trend in technology is machine learning. It has been sweeping the globe for the past decade. This technology simplifies the day-to-day life of children. Machines can be programmed to increase marketing reach for many companies. Python has many great libraries, like Scikit Learning and Panda.

Python is GitHub’s second most used machine learning language. Python’s use in building AI and ML programs has increased dramatically over the past few years. Python’s robust security allows for the intensive computation required for artificial intelligence and machine-learning systems.

Command-Line Applications

Command-Line Applications, also known as console applications, are computer programs created from command lines and don’t require an interface. Because of its read-eval/print loop (REPL), Python is an ideal language for this type of software. This allows developers to evaluate the language’s capabilities. Top companies easily access free Python libraries because Python software development is highly in demand.

Blockchain Applications

In recent months, blockchain technology has been a popular trend. It can be developed and managed easily. But Python made it even simpler. Building an app in Python is made easy by its clear language. Flask is a Python framework that allows developers to connect to a Blockchain via the internet. This allows them to create an endpoint for various blockchain features. Multiple software programs can be used to create decentralized networking.

Entertainment Applications

The web has many audio-video-type applications, with users in high demand for these downloadable applications. Despite being a popular programming language, Python can be used to create this type of video application.

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YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix are all examples of Python-based entertaining apps. Netflix is the most popular streaming app. Spotify streams millions upon millions of songs. Python is a language developers are familiar with, so creating apps and maintaining your syntax is easy.

E-Commerce Application

This is why e-commerce is so popular. This industry is rapidly growing. They also bring in profits for companies who use them. Nearly everyone uses the internet every minute. People don’t wait at the grocery store checkout line anymore because E-commerce has been a convenient and easy option for people all over the globe. Python’s versatility makes it easy to create agile software processes. No better programming language is available for creating web applications.

Data Scraping Applications

Python is a great option for building different scraping apps. You can easily access web data via powerful tools such as Beautiful Soup and Requests libraries. The syntax of Python is a great starting point for data scraping apps. This app allows for comparisons between prices, jobs, and research. It is also very useful.

Desktop Applications

Python has excellent functioning, which assists in creating complex desktop software systems. Apps built with Python are highly regarded for their scalability, efficiency, and usability. You can create an interactive interface with the Tkinter library. Python has many toolkits, including Wiki and Kivy.

Other tech field applications of Python

1. Software and web development

Python’s code is simple and understandable, which makes it easier to use web and software development services. This also helps make the process faster. Python’s ability to be integrated with other languages is another appealing feature. This makes it more flexible.

Django and Pyramid are two of the most effective frameworks that allow developers to develop Python apps. They also make it possible to create web applications from scratch using these frameworks. The standard library supports many Python web app development internet protocols, including XML and JSON. Django is used to create Instagram.

2. OCR and image processing

Python can detect objects and perform image processing. Developers can now create Python apps with self-contained deep learning and Computer Vision capabilities using a variety of Python libraries, including PyTesseract (Optical Character Recognition), TensorFlow (Object Detection), and the Python Imaging Library(PIL) (Image Processing).

3. Automated testing

Python is the preferred language for Automated Testing. Automated testing is when the features of an app are executed using scripts rather than human beings. Python and Selenium (a web-based automation tool) provides many libraries and tools for automating tests. These tools, also known as CI/CD (shorthand for “Continuous Integration”, “Continuous Deployment”, can run tests, compile, publish and deploy applications into production.

4. Web crawlers

Web crawlers, also known as Spiderbot, are used to create a duplicate of all visited pages on the internet for later preparation by search engines. This will index the pages downloaded to make it easy for users to perform fast searches.

mobile app developer

Crawlers can be used to automate maintenance tasks on a website. Crawlers can be used to

check links and validate HTML code. These Spiderbots can be created in Python because they are simple, quick to code, and have excellent libraries.

Popular Programs written in Python

Popular Programs written in Python


Python has many benefits and is a great tool for developing any app. This library, toolkits and modules will help you find the perfect app for your project. Python is more versatile than any other language.

Talk to our Python developers for more assistance on web and app development projects.

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