7 Steps to Make Your Ecommerce Business Successful

7 Steps to Make Your Ecommerce Business Successful

You must have heard about those eCommerce stores doing millions of dollars in revenue. But that’s not the reality for many. There are about 12 million eCommerce websites online and less than a million make under $1000 per year. 

Don’t feel sad. Such stats means that there is a clear requirement for better products out there. If your eCommerce product fills that need for consumers online, it will be an immense success. 

Let’s discuss the 7 steps you need to create a great product and leap into eCommerce success fast. 

1. Believe in Your Product  

Most first time eCommerce store owners start selling a product that is trending. This is a failing strategy. If you are not passionate about what you are selling, if you don’t believe in your product, the customers won’t either. 

Sell a product that means something to you. Something that you’re passionate about and that passion gets transfused into your customers as well. 

2. Design a rich website for your customers  

Design a rich website for your customers

Creating a seamless user experience is necessary for customers to shop with ease in your store. To connect with your products. While most new eCommerce businesses don’t have a lot to invest in, there are always third-party eCommerce store builders available where you can set up a new shop in no time. Some of the best eCommerce platforms are Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. 

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Although it is easy to get started quickly with the platforms, to create a professional-looking store you can consider hiring a custom eCommerce website development company.    

3. Research Well – Make Sure There Is Demand  

Many people while first trying out e-commerce retailing try to sell a product that they love. Only to figure out later that there is no market for it. Betting against consumer behavior is not a smart move. Make sure that the product you are passionate about also has a demand among the buyers, otherwise it won’t work. 

To figure out what is the right product to sell in your eCommerce store do thorough market research. If you are entering a populated space you must sell something that stands out from the others. This is where the value proposition of your product has immense value. 

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To find out whether there is a market opportunity or not. You can follow the steps below: 

  • Start creating content around your product on social media and see if the audience responds. Take feedback. You want to figure out who is the ideal customer and save your time.    
  • Do a Google search. A simple Google search will tell you about reality much more precisely. If there are other competitors and if there are actively advertising then that is a powerful indicator that there are paying customers for the product. This means you are going in the right direction. 
  • Research on Amazon. Like we discussed, if you are entering into an established market then your product must be superior to the existing ones. Otherwise, why would someone buy it? Read the reviews on Amazon. Here you hit the jackpot of consumer insights. What are the pain points, what are the most wished features, shipping times, support and others. Use these insights to create a better product for the consumers. 

4. Add Beautiful Pictures 

Many eCommerce stores don’t pay enough attention to the product images. This may sound cliché but humans are visual creatures. The better your product images, the easier it is for the customers to decide whether they want it or not. Whether it will look good on them or not. 

If you don’t have funds then hire that colleagues’ ex-roommate who is into photography or hire an enthusiastic intern for the pictures. This way both the parties get something valuable out of the deal. You can also take the pictures yourself and hone those photography skills. 

Make sure every product has a picture and then make sure it is beautiful. 

5. Write Detailed SEO Optimized Product Descriptions  

Don’t just write two lines or a paragraph about the product manufacturing details in the product description. 

You need to sell the story first. Any widely successful product has a very unique story to it. You need to put that story into the product descriptions. Be casual about the features, benefits, how they got created and how is it produced. Everything unique about your product includes in the product descriptions. 

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While optimizing the product descriptions from the user perspective don’t forget to optimize for SEO too. Without optimization with the right targeted keywords, no matter how much of a good story your product has, it won’t rank and thus your store will have no traffic. And if no traffic then no sales. Remember the whole point of optimizing the store is to get traffic. Or consider talking to a digital marketing company who has expertise in marketing such businesses. 

6. Invest In Getting The Tech Right  

Invest In Getting The Tech Right 

Now you got the beautiful pictures, you got the personal story in the description but you also need to get the tech sorted. Loading time, shopping cart optimization, reducing the number of steps people have to take to purchase, optimize every aspect of your store for a fast and flawless user experience. 

You don’t have to know how it all works, you don’t have to be a coder, but if you are serious about being an eCommerce retailer, research and invest in getting the technical aspect of the store right. 

7. Marketing – Get The Word Out  

Setting an eCommerce store is easy. There is not a lot of technology involved. The real deal is distribution. You need to get the word out. There can be many ways you can market your product. 

The best strategy is to start even before the store is open. Start reaching out to influencers on social media and ask them to try your product. 

Create the content on social media platforms. You can also run a contest where some selected customers get a free batch of product to try. Thus by promoting your product on social media you can get user-generated content other than your marketing posts. 

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Set the scene, start the drumroll and then let the customers come. 

Another very powerful strategy is to get your visitors emails. Don’t expect them to buy the first time they visit. Give something extra. A bonus, a tip, or a discount and get them to sign up for email. This way you can follow up and market your products with their permission even after they leave your store. 

The market and consumers are always open to a new and better product. And setting up an eCommerce store is the 2021 way of becoming an entrepreneur. Don’t waste your time with the old strategies. Market furiously, take real-time feedback, move fast and start selling. 

And if during your path to online business, you need any help with setting up, designing or marketing your eCommerce products, talk to our eCommerce development solutions team, we would love to be a part of your eCommerce success. 


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