Are You Looking To Hire React Native Developers To Build Mobile Apps?

Are You Looking To Hire React Native Developers To Build Mobile Apps?

When Facebook was looking for a technology to make the app more robust and fast without any downtime, that is when React Native was developed. And since its launch, it has been the talk of the app town. Facebook trusts its technology and so far has used React native to build Instagram and Facebook ads.  

React Native is an open-source framework that has made it simple for developers to build amazing mobile apps with half the effort. It is a revolutionizing technology that has changed the game of app development.  

Like never before, mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our lives. Developing apps with great mobile performance is vital for an app to be a user’s favorite. If there is even a minor glitch in the app’s performance, people will indeed stop using it abruptly. A seamless experience is not a luxury but a necessity for the user experience of mobile applications.  

React native is a top choice of many developers and mobile app development companies alike as the framework provides affordable mobile apps for small and medium-sized businesses. Before React native, developing a mobile app will take twice as much time. Creating different versions for iOS and android platforms was time-killing and bring upon extra costs.   

React Native has emerged as the best alternative for start-ups and businesses looking to launch mobile applications fast. If your team is thinking of hiring React native developers for the next mobile application project, it is highly likely to have a positive impact on your business.  

Let’s see why React native is the best framework for mobile application development.

What does any start-up or business owner look for in an app? It should look slick and be uber responsive with short, low times. And you are looking at React native for all of that. Here is a list of reasons why. 

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1. Cross platform  

The big one that you might already know is cross-platform. It makes it possible to get your app onto as many mobile phones and tablets as possible. React native uses a JavaScript library to render the native app user interface and make it look the same across all platforms. We are talking about simultaneous development here, for both android and iOS.  

2. The bridge  

React native acts as the bridge between platforms in the same way JavaScript builds user interfaces for browser use. This bridge specifies the native rendering of the application programming interfaces for that particular platform. It ensures that the app is made with real mobile elements instead of web views which render clumsy and scrappy when they load in. The bridge gives the application a more polished and customized view.  

3. Easy to work with  

React native is very easy to begin with for developers with prior knowledge of React and JavaScript. It is highly productive for the entire mobile app development team to work as the company’s engine room. It makes devs’ lives very easy.  

4. Top-notch debugging  

React Native has onboard intelligent debugging tools that have many advantages for cross-platform development.  

Error messages are descriptive, and all mean something. Devs no more need to scratch their head with every message of old fatal systems.  

If the application crashes during testing, you will know exactly where and why the problem has happened. Super easy to go back and tweak. The error reporting in React Native is top-notch.  

5. Fast Reloads  

React native is JavaScript-based, so there is no need to rebuild the app to make changes to it. A simple command + R will refresh the application just like a webpage. A quick refresh can be a lifesaver when meeting a deadline. For businesses, this means less time for iteration and more savings on development costs.  

We discussed the benefits of React native now; let’s see why you should hire offshore React native developers to build your mobile app.  

Offshore software development is way past the trend zone; it is now an established business model. Hiring offshore React native developers might be exactly what your business needs. They have the tech experience and understanding of the framework to successfully apply it for solving real-world problems.  

1. Half of the development cost  

The prime advantage of React Native is the same code base for both iOS and android. With half the time and minimal cost, you get two apps. When you pick React native for mobile app development, it saves a lot of manpower too. There is no hassle of handling two teams for android and iOS and the troubles of management and coordination that come with them.  

2. Proficient developers  

When you decide to hire offshore React native developers, you can search for the best talents around the world for your app. There is a huge pool of developers with years of hands-on experience in crafting apps with React native. The experts know which methodology to choose and develop an app in the least amount of hours. Faster development time means sooner the app lives and breathes online.  

3. Quality  

Why is it that people hire professionals with experience rather than someone with just a fancy degree? It’s the hours of coding, developing, and debugging someone spent while working on several projects. That’s what brings the fine quality and performance to the app. Right?  

Hiring offshore React native developers from a trusted provider like Imenso Software will get you the quality and expert assistance required for your mobile app project. And in case of any difficulty, you can always contact us. We provide 24×7 help for our clients.  

4. Hassle-free management  

When you hire a team of developers, you will need to monitor them no matter the project type, duration, or cost. Timely discussion about the progression and constant feedback to craft the mobile app the way you want it to be are necessary.  

But when you hire React native developers from an offshore company, they have dedicated people for project management. These professionals minimize the communication gap between the client and the development team to get the best results.  

Intrigued about what an offshore mobile app development company can do? Check out our engagement models to help you find the best fit for your project.  

1. Fixed pricing  

In this model, the developers work remotely to solve your issue. Our team collects all your requirements and expectations for the project and quotes an amount. If you choose this model, you can ensure constant communication with the development teams over Skype, Microsoft, WhatsApp, and other channels.  

2. Dedicated resources  

With dedicated resources, you can hire a team of React-native developers for every phase of the development process with technical assistance, deployment, and maintenance.  

3. Hourly Pricing  

The hourly prices are fixed before the project engagement. As long as the development process continues, so do the prices. An hourly model is best for mobile app development projects if you are unsure about the requirements and alterations at the beginning of the project.  

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Top 10 apps build with React Native.  

Top 10 apps build with React Native

Since its launch, React native is the most popular framework for building highly functional apps with tons of traffic. Several fortune 500 companies with global operations have adopted React native. Here is a list: 

  1. Facebook  
  2. Facebook ads 
  3. Instagram  
  4. Tesla  
  5. Airbnb 
  6. Bloomberg 
  7. Walmart  
  8. Netflix  
  9. Uber eats  
  10. Soundcloud  
mobile app developer

React Native for mobile application development  

React Native is an empowering technology for developers and companies hiring them. It is a technology you can trust to create complex and large applications. RN is the best pick for organizations for building mobile apps with great performance.  

Keep your business on edge with finer tech solutions. Contact our React native app development company to build your mobile applications. Talk to our experts. 


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