Why PHP Is The Best Language For Web Development

Why PHP Is The Best Language For Web Development

PHP is a coding language that is widely used for the development of both websites and web applications.  There are many reasons why PHP is a popular language and is the one you should look at for web development.  Knowing what these reasons are will help you determine if this is a language that you need to know and use. 

The Simplicity

The Simplicity

One of the significant benefits of PHP is the fact that the language is simple.  Coding in PHP is like writing an essay in English that the computer is going to read.  Unlike other coding languages, you will very rarely hear someone complain about the complexity of coding with PHP. 

The simplicity of the language also makes it easier for everyone to understand what is happening in the back end of a website or application.  This can make amendments and adjustments much easier to complete.  As the language is relatively simple, you will also have a larger talent pool available to you. 

The Performance

The Performance

Performance is something that you always need to keep in mind with web development.  Research has found that most users will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.  It is important to note that some users will leave before this as well. 

Fortunately, PHP ensures that your web applications will run quickly and smoothly.  Code that runs on PHP will be faster than ASP, and you can make use of the JIT engine.  The JIT engine compiles the coding into a machine language that is easier for devices to read.  

PHP coding will also require fewer system resources.  This is important because it does not slow servers down and makes the overall loading speed slower.  The device that views the website will also not be affected by the content and forced to slow down some of its operations. 

The Compatibility

There are a few operating systems on the market, and you need to choose a language that is compatible with all of them.  PHP is one of these languages as it will work seamlessly with all of the major operating systems, including Solaris and Linux.  The compatibility of the language does not stop there as you also have wide-ranging compatibility with web servers and databases.  

PHP will also support a lot of the commonly used protocols such as POP3, HTTP, and LDAP COM.  This is vital when developing websites and web applications because specific protocols will work better for a project than others.  Some other languages have limited compatibility with databases and protocols, and you need to consider this. 

Easy Maintenance

This benefit of PHP is linked to the simplicity of the language and will impact the overall flexibility of the coding.  Changes can easily be made to the coding at any point during development.  This means that new features and functionality can be added at any time even after all of the code has been written.  It is also possible to amend the existing code to enhance the features and functionality. 

The ability to do this will make a website and web application maintenance much easier.  This can be added to the fact that it is easy to find errors in the coding.  Once found, they can easily be fixed, and the application or website can continue to run optimally. 


PHP is the language being used by many high traffic websites and web applications.  There is no limit on the type of website or web application which can be built with the language.  This makes it one of the best languages to use if you want a website or app that is scalable.  

When it comes to scalability, it is important to note that PHP code can be embedded into HTML.  This allows for the creation of simple and small websites which can grow.  Various PHP frameworks can then be used to create a larger and more complicated application.  These frameworks will make the creation of these applications faster, which means that you can scale at a quicker rate. 

The simplicity and flexibility of the language also make it easier to scale.  You can add what you need to increase the capacity of a web application without having to start over again.  You can also amend any issues that arise from the increased use of the application or the increase in traffic.  

Open Source

Another reason why you should look at PHP for all of your web development is the fact that it is an open source language.  This is important because it reduces the overhead costs that you can face.  You will not have to worry about paying for licenses to use the language for your website or applications.  This is something that you need to do with certain languages, and the costs can be relatively high. 

The open source nature of the language also increases the support that you get.  Open source software and languages have great communities around them who help each other.  This means that if you have a problem with your website or application, you can ask someone for a solution.  

Object Orientated Language

Object Orientated Language is an advantage of PHP that you should not overlook.  This can help to reduce the lines of code that you need through the reuse of classes.  PHP can reuse other language classes which have been written in Windows COM or Java objects.  You will also be able to create custom classes with PHP.

A custom class is important because it is a class that other ones can borrow from.  This will increase the capabilities of PHP and make it even more versatile.  

There are a lot of coding languages out there, and you need to choose the right one for your website or web application.  PHP is a commonly used language which is open source and easy to learn.  It is also effortless to maintain and offers the speed and scalability that you might need.  PHP is also compatible with all major operating systems and a wide range of databases and protocols.

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