Why Choose India For Your Next Software Development Project

Over the years, Service sector in India has seen immense growth. India is now being recognized as powerhouse for software development. Many companies like Apple have shifted their bases in India. Since the last decade, Information Technology has become the growth engine for the economy contributing to the rise in GDP of India, urban-employment leading to the vision of ‘Young and Resilient India’.

Explaining Software Success of India 

The success India has achieved in the Software Development area can be explained by multiple factors as explained below:

  • Human Capital

India has large number of people who are willing and are able enough to work on software development at low- wages. Owing to the fact that India has huge number of software professionals at its disposal, these professionals work at really low wages. Companies who establish offices in India can invest in a labor- intensive structure which makes India a better choice than the other countries.

  • The role of public policy

From 1991, the Indian software industry was able to benefit from the eased policies and regulations concerning the R&D, trade and exports. Due to the ease in regulations and less rigid policies, India was able to benefit from the boom in global IT demand. The investment done by the government in science and engineering with the aim to supply the manufacturing sector, gave rise to an excess supply of software engineers. Soon Bangalore came to be known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. The success with the Indian software industry can be contributed to the Indian entrepreneurship and the openness of the Indian market to exports.

  • Easy Communication

Indian Software Developers can communicate easily with the US clients because of their language skill. The availability of large number of Indian who can speak English (a common language, worldwide) which makes the coordination between the Western firms and India much easier.

  • Expert Software Developers

Ever since the emergence of Software sector in India, the domestic IT experts have ruled the market. Indian could offer highly skilled software developers to companies at low wage rates as compared to other countries.

  • Time-Zone Advantage

The time difference between India and various other countries like USA, Europe, United Kingdom is approximately 5 hours which offers wide time-zone round the clock and availability of 24 hours.

The growth of Indian Software Industry is visible worldwide as the global giants like Google and Microsoft are led by two Indians. 

Undoubtedly, favorable government policies and good work ethics makes India a preferred destination for outsourcing software development. Also, availability of resources in abundance is one of the key reasons why India is becoming the top choice for outsourcing.

Boosting Software Industries in India

Indian government issued the draft of the country’s first ever National Software Policy to increase the share of Indian software products in the global market and create employment opportunity. The software industry in India is estimated to reach about $1 trillion by 2025.

The other points to keep in mind for boosting India’s software industry are:

  • Ease of doing business is a key factor in attracting more businesses in India. A single repository of the applicable laws would help the professionals serve better.
  • The ubiquitous need for need for tech-skills in high end technologies, strong business communications skills make India stand out among the rest of the other countries.
  • The talent-requirement of the hiring companies is satisfied by Indian IT-professionals. Technology-ready products in a cost-effective environment makes India a software technology hub.
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Why Offshore Development of Your Project is Beneficial?

With increasing globalization, outsourcing software development is an emerging trend. According to NASSCOM, India remains the world’s preferred software development outsourcing destination.

The key reasons to outsource software development services in India are listed as below:

  • The main driving force behind the developed countries preferring offshore software development in India is the cost-effectiveness in comparison to other countries. Since offshore software development companies already have established infrastructure, which drastically cuts the start-up costs. The accessibility to highly skilled software developers at low cost in India makes it a plus point for the companies.
  • Offshore software development to India allows a company to focus more on core business opportunities thus, increasing the profitability of the company.
  • India’s outsourcing- friendly policies facilitates both the hiring company as well as the software developers an effective communication in understanding the project requirements and encourage overseas agencies to outsource their businesses in India.
  • Due to the presence of significant English-speaking professionals and wide time-zone, India has proved to be the best when it comes to customer support and productivity. Customer satisfaction plays a huge role in attracting more businesses to India.

Over the past few years, India has shown visible growth trajectory in the custom software development. India is likely to grab the biggest chunk in trade practices by offering offshore services to various organizations.

Demand and supply go hand in hand, with the increase in global outsourcing industry, Indian software developers are among the fastest in the world to offer their services and benefits to the company.

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Custom Software Solutions- A Basic Need for companies

The custom software development services companies help in designing the software according to the need of organizations and its importance is ever increasing in the modern era.

  • Help businesses in their future technological needs

Since the custom software development is designed as per your requirements there’s no need to depend on hardware to run different programs thus, making it a cost-effective option for your project.

  • Secure way

The data is safe and protected as the external threats are decreased while designing the project as per the businesses need.

  • Cost-Effective

Designing a standard software can burn a hole in your pocket but with custom software solutions the developers will make sure to make the project in a cost-effective manner including all the details mentioned by you. It requires less investment as compared to the already available softwares in the market.

  • Reduce error

When the business is operated through a well-developed software, it reduces the risk and errors which otherwise have a possibility of happening when things are managed manually.

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