Why AI Based Software Development Is A New Trend In 2021?

Technology keeps evolving faster than you can perceive. Nowadays, survival is hard without adapting to new technologies. Businesses across all domains have realized this, and so they are keen on implementing the latest technologies. One emerging technology that is making inroads into each segment is AI. Artificial intelligence has caught the attention of not only the geeks, but businesses from varying sectors are embracing it. Interestingly, AI has seeped into the software development sector, too. Software development agencies are deploying AI technologies in their new solutions and products.

Why and how AI is seeping into the software development sector

Nowadays, businesses opt for software applications that help them automate a chunk of workflow processes. This is required for saving time, reducing stress on employees, and enhancing the level of productivity. For a software development company making AI-powered applications makes sense, and it is also good if such a company itself deploys AI tech to enhance the development process.

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Listed here is how using AI helps enhance the software development process.

  • Automation in application development- The software development process is segregated into various stages. Performing all these steps is mandatory to ensure quality software is developed. However, it would be great if some of these routine procedures could be automated. This is where AI steps in. By deploying AI-powered tools, an IT software outsourcing company can automate parts of the Software development process. This brings a lot of benefits, eventually. Some AI tools, for example, help in faster coding with accuracy.
  • Faster development cycle- Faster development cycleAs a matter of fact, software development agencies cope with immense work pressure, most of the time. They are seen developing applications for various clients at the same time. So, they need means to expedite application development without cutting down on quality. This is where they can gain from the deployment of AI technologies. Through AI deployment, it becomes easy to speed up the development cycle. So these agencies can wrap application developers faster, and the clients are also happy.
  • Less scope of errors- No matter how expert software developers working in an offshore development company are, they are humans after all! Once in a while, even a veteran developer or programmer can make mistakes. It can take place on a busy day when the developer is stressed or extremely busy. A mistake in coding or testing an application can lead to serious consequences. It may lead to cost escalation and unwanted delay. However, this can be evaded by deploying AI technology. AI-enabled tools used in software application development can detect errors that skip human attention.

Since AI tools early on data analysis, these can resort to such reports or cases to alert the team about errors that may crop up in any stage if they detect any lapse.

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  • Better testing- Typically, software development companies resort to rigorous testing, and this is a necessity for ensuring the application is devoid of bugs and loopholes. There are specific tools used in application testing. However, using AI tools for testing applications proves to be better. The entire testing process is handled by AI tech-enabled tools, leaving no scope for errors. AI tools can be used to pre-schedule tests as well.
  • Reduced stress on developers- Software development professionals work in stressful environments, for sure. They have to think of the project deadlines, and adhering to quality and protocols is also in their mind. It would be nice if the stress level was reduced to an extent. That is why using AI in the application development process is necessary. Through the deployment of AI, certain repetitive but important tasks, like testing and error reporting, can be taken care of. This effectively reduces workload and stress on the developers. They can focus on more complex issues in the workflow.
  • Better planning and estimation- A top web application development company in India offers its clients a rough estimate of application development costs before taking up any project. While planning the project and performing cost estimation, these entities analyze several factors. In some cases, they may skip some factors inadvertently – resulting in cost escalation and conflicts. By using AI tools for project planning estimation, such mistakes can be evaded largely. AI tools perform data analysis accurately and cover all aspects involved in application development estimation.
  • Reduction in complexity- Typical software application development is a complex and multistage procedure. There are several dependencies and integrations that developers have to think of. In large-scale projects, things get over the top, and the impact is felt by the developers. By using AI technology, application development complexity is reduced. The number of steps can be reduced, and things are simplified.
  • Aids newbie developers- Aids newbie developersIn most software development agencies, there is a mixed bag of developers. Some of them are veterans in the arena with decade-long experience, and there are those who have entered the sector recently. For practical reasons, using only newbie developers or seasoned ones in a project is not possible. In most projects, new and veteran developers work together. The newbie developers may make mistakes, and that can cause frictions and delays. When an AI tool is involved, that acts as an aid to the new developers.

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All these factors have a cumulative impact on the quality of the application developed, and so the end-users gain.

Things to know when hiring software development firms using AI technologies

With time, more software development entities are warming up to AI tools, and they have started using such applications to reap the benefits. However, it is an ongoing process, and some such firms are slow to adopt AI. While picking a software development company, you have to analyze certain factors to learn its position in this context.

You can interact with a software development agency to know about its stance on AI tech deployment. Some AI tech-enabled tools are being used for software development these days. So, try to find out if the agency you are dealing with makes use of one or more of these tools. Examples are TensorFlow, Google ML Kit, MxNet, and H2O. It is better if the developers in the agency possess relevant certifications to use these cutting-edge tools. You can definitely ask the agency how using these tools enhance their development process and what benefits the clients can expect.

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Future of AI in software development

There is no denying the fact that the deployment of AI technology enhances the software development process, regardless of the type of software being developed. However, AI technology is still maturing, and it should be deployed in a way that complements the work of human developers. However advanced AI tools are, they cannot really replace human understanding and analysis of certain aspects yet. A streamlined and balanced approach with AI and human involvement in the procedure can be helpful.

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