Top 3 WordPress Development Tools

WordPress developers do most of their work in test environments. If you are a WordPress developer or a company offering WordPress development services, you need an excellent WordPress development tool. With hundreds of such tools out there, choosing the best WordPress development tool isn’t easy. Your research plays a big part in this regard. Your workflow will vary depending on the tool you pick. That’s why you need to know about the different WordPress development tools and what features they offer. Here are some of the best WordPress development tools on the market today.



This is a Windows, and macOS tool will let you create multiple WordPress websites with a simple step-by-step wizard. You need to register to download the free version of this tool. This is one of the best development tools where ease of use is concerned. The tool will install all the software needed to power the development tool when you set it up for the first time. You only need to re-run the tool when you need to create or delete a WordPress site. You have the option of choosing which version of WordPress you need to install when using this tool. If you are looking for a simple tool without a lot of frills, this is the best WordPress development tool for you.

The features of the free version of the tool are limited to some extent. The most significant disadvantage of this software is it supports only a single type of web environment such as an Apache server operating PHP 5 and MySQL. There is a free version and a premium version of this tool. The premium version comes with all the features and starts at $99.95 per year. The premium version of DesktopServer lets you get all the updates for free during the whole year. Here are some of the salient features of this WordPress development tool.

  • The wizard will let you easily setup new WordPress local websites
  • The software supports MYSQL, Apache, and PHP 5.5
  • You can duplicate or delete any site at any time
  • You have the option of mapping domains to your local sites
  • The free version allows you to manage up to three local websites



MAMP or My Apache, MySQL, PHP is another popular WordPress development tool on the market. This software lets you create WordPress as well as any other website. You need to setup the stack, prepare a database, and follow the steps of manually setting up WordPress. MAMP is available for Windows and macOS. You get the option of choosing multiple versions for each operating system – depending on the PHP version you plan to set up. You will also get access to a lot of additional software such as Perl, Python, and phpMyAdmin. You will have more options when creating websites and applications with this tool. The biggest downside with MAMP is that the software doesn’t provide standalone installers similar to most of the other development tools.

Even though MAMP has its dashboard, it offers fewer options compared to other tools. If you are looking for an easier WordPress development tool to manage, MAMP is one of the best for you. There is a free version as well as a paid version of this software. The premium version starts at $59 for both Windows and macOS. The paid version has much more options compared to the free version. Here are some of the salient features of the WordPress development tool.

  • Supports much more languages as Perl and Python compared to other software
  • You can set up an environment based on MySQL, Apache, and PHP
  • You have the option of using different versions of the software depending on the PHP release you plan to set up
  • You also get the option of setting up WordPress manually with this software



XAMPP stands for Apache, MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. This tool packs all the software that you need to run WordPress. This development software is available in two versions such as Regular XAMPP as well as XAMPP-VM. The first one installs the software in a directory on your computer while the second version helps set up everything on a Linux Virtual Machine. The regular version of the tool is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux-based systems. XAMPP-VM is available only for macOS. XAMPP helps set up a software stack on your computer. It doesn’t help to install WordPress. The software has a few standalone installers for various CMS or content management systems. But it is better to do these tasks manually.

With XAMPP, you have full control of each of the stack’s components. A couple of clicks will let you start and stop the Apache server. You will also have access to details logs and more. XAMPP offers the perfect environment to run WordPress. But it isn’t the best service tailored to the content management system. Things become a bit complicated when you want the tool to run more than a single WordPress site. It’s an excellent tool for beginners but not the most straightforward tool to work with. XAMPP is an open-source tool. There isn’t a premium version of the tool. You can use it for free at any time you want. Here are some of the salient features of this software.

  • It offers a simple dashboard to manage all the new services
  • It lets you set up a software stack including Apache, Perl, PHP, and MariaDB
  • You can manually set up WordPress using this software tool or make use of a standalone installer
  • You have the option to choose from different XAMPP versions – depending on the PHP release you choose
  • The software comes in two versions such as XAMPP and XAMPP-VM

Are you searching for the best WordPress development tool on the market? If so, you have come to the right place. With hundreds of such tools on the market, choosing the best software isn’t easy. Your research is important when choosing the best WordPress development tool. The article above provides information on some of the best WordPress development tools on the market today.

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