Top 10 User Design Strategies Of 2021 To Reduce Bounce Rate

Top 10 User Design Strategies Of 2021 To Reduce Bounce Rate

If we have a look at the past decade, we can see how far the digital marketing domain has come. Every single business is making the best use of this technology in boosting its growth. In a field which is expanding at a high rate, it becomes important to keep a check on the upcoming trends and keep an eye on the digital performance.

The Digital Marketing Performance can be determined from various parameters and one of them is Bounce Rate.

As defined by Google- “A bounce is a single-page session on your site.”

It is still difficult to understand how to keep bounce rate in check and we shall discuss it in this article.

What Is A Bounce Rate?

To understand what is bounce rate, we need to consider an example.

Imagine yourself walking inside a store, turn around and then exit the store. You don’t interact with anyone in the store or try any of the products; you just walk straight out of the store. You simply bounce.

The same procedure goes for your website.

A bounce is when a user visits your page but doesn’t interact with any of its attributes and elements, and doesn’t see the other page on your site. In simple words, a bounce is when a visitor exits your page without any interaction, engagement or further browsing your site.

How A Bounce Rate Can Be Triggered?

A bounce rate can be triggered for many reasons.

  • Returning to the search results without interacting with the attributes
  • A new URL in the address bar
  • Closing the existing web browsers
  • Timing out the session or staying inactive

Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is defined as the percentage of single-page visits or the web sessions a user does on your website. A bounce rate will let you know the number of visitors who bounced in comparison to the visitors that came on your site.

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Why Should You Follow UI/UX Design Trends?

User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX) are interrelated to each other. The trends are always changing and UI/UX is also evolving. The graphic designers always need to be updated with the current trends and technologies to make the best use of it.

There’s no harm in trying out the old trends but to stay ahead of your competitors it becomes all the more important to have the best strategy for your site.

Top 10 Design Strategies

  • Graphics

We are all aware of the fact that visual information is perceived much easier and for a longer duration of time as compared to the written one. In today’s era, the audience is already consuming a lot of visual data on social media as well as other platforms like YouTube, therefore you also need to be updated. Many graphic design tools like Adobe are used by the designers to create a memorable experience for the user.

  • Gradients/Color Blending

Gradients or the color blending is an evergreen trend from the mid-1990s till today. A very popular example is the Instagram logo. 2021 is expected to have low contrast in the gradient. The color wheel is now a widely popular tool and is used by many UX/UI designers and developers.

  • Full- Screen Performance

As the screen sizes are getting bigger, the attention span of an individual is getting shorter. One of the best ways to reduce the bounce rate is to make use of the immersive display. With an immersive full-screen performance, you can keep the users engaged for a long period of time on your website. A full-screen display takes away the distractions like the notification panel in the mobile devices.

  • Voice Search Engine

With the watch-time being at an all- time high, the users tend do feel screen fatigue at some point of time. The year 2021 is all about giving the comfort to its users and the focus is now set to voice over the visual.

Almost every big giant like Apple, Amazon, Google etc. has its own voice over a search engine, making the task easier for the customers. The technology has levelled up where it now talks to the user.

  • Dark Mode

Every technical device nowadays comes with the feature of dark mode. The UI design companies are shifting to user-friendly inputs thus making the online experience a pleasant one. The dark mode feature comes with many benefits like reducing the screen fatigue, hiding the defective pixels, legible optimal environment. This UI trend has made its place in the year 2020 and is bound to continue to rule in the year 2021.

  • Customized/ Personalized Design

Accept the fact that there’s a cut-throat competition and the users are picky. If the customers do not get the design according to their needs, they won’t hesitate in going to your competitors. The same applies to the UX design also.

A great example of the customized/ personalized UX/UI design is McDonald’s. Their menu keeps changing according to the time of the day. Offering your customers, the option of a customized design according to their requirements will help you to stand way ahead of your competitors.

  • Security and Authentication

The increased digital database calls for a robust security feature. For instance, fingerprint sensors, facial unlock, double-verification are a must-have feature nowadays as data theft is on the rise. It is no surprise that the coming years can even have biometric locks and authentication system. ID Authentication is an ongoing trend and it will continue to include more features as the time progresses.

  • 3D Effects

When mobile networks and telecommunications have left the 2G spectrum much earlier, it is now the need of the hour to at least include 3D development services. With 3D effects, the user experience can be taken to a much higher level therefore the UX design companies tend to provide a 360- degree view to their customers. 3D effects can make the user experience to be more interactive and engaging.

  • Synchronization

Most people nowadays make use of multiple gadgets for their work. They have multiple devices in their arsenal, and it becomes important to have a UX design that performs equally well across different platforms. The devices not only include mobile phones, tablets and laptop/desktop but also the smartwatches and other wearables too and you need to follow the design trend which is compatible with every device. 2021 is likely to be the year where people are more inclined towards the wearable devices, thus you need a UI/UX design that has synchronizing properties.

  • Speedy Design

The world is already aware of the 5g technology which is going to be an upcoming trend. With the high-speed internet connection, your UI design needs to be capable of fast loading. Add such elements to your website which give absolute value to the end-user.

Bounce Rate is an important metric as it let you know about your digital marketing and the end-user experience. With the technological trend always changing, make sure to give your website development project in the safe hands.

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