The Rise of MEAN Stack – How To Become A MEAN Stack Web Developer?

rise of mean development

Getting to Know MEAN Stack 

MEAN is an open-source JavaScript software stack which stands for  





For many years, MEAN stack development services have been the number one choice of the companies independently but now they have banded together to create a super stack, making the developers roll their eyes over its robust features. Mean is easy to use, which allows easier adoption for the developers.  

Why MEAN is popular? 

The flexibility of MEAN gives the ability to compact different technologies to create a customized stack as per the project requirements yet giving the developer the ability to re-use the code. 

Explaining MEAN

Explaining MEAN
  • MongoDB 

It is the NoSQL database component where document is similar to an object. It can be written in C++, Python, Javascript and Go. It is compatible with multiple platforms and is document-oriented. With its fast speed, it can also handle unstructured data. 

  • Experss.js 

It is a framework for the back-end NodeJS web development too widely used for building Web applications and Application Programming Interfaces. It acts as a host for node.js projects. 

  • Angular.js 

Angular.js is the front-end framework component of MEAN stack and is a licensed open-source tool, developed by Google cater to the challenges coming in single-page applications. Both mobile and web applications can be developed using the framework of AngularJS.  

  • Node.js 

It is the back-end framework of MEAN stack and is a JavaScript runtime environment that runs outside the browser. It is best used to create server-side and network applications which is also platform-independent.  

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Pre-Requisites For MEAN Stack 

  • Installation guide (git) 
  • Download page (node.js) 
  • Download page (npm, which comes with node) 
  • MongoDB 

Use Cases Of MEAN Stack 

Although MEAN stack can be used in many applications, there are some restrictions too. Having said that, there are many applications in which it excels due to its flexibility and scalability. 

Some examples where MEAN Stack can be used are listed below: 

  • Expenses tracking applications  
  • Calendars  
  • Map and location finding applications  
  •  News sites 

MEAN Stack Variations 

MERN: One of the Mean stack variations is MERN where the front-end framework Angular is replaced by ReactJS. ReactJS is a JavaScript library for creating better user interface program. It is preferred over Angular as it includes self-contained components. 

MEVN: The other Mean stack variation refers to MEVN where Angular framework is again replaced by VueJS. Vue is much simpler and easier to code framework. It enables customized software development to the developers. 

How To Learn MEAN Stack Web Development

It is highly recommended nowadays to enhance one’s skill set by learning differences frameworks and languages. It is good for beginners as well as the advanced professionals as it needs only one programming language. There are various courses available online for learning MEAN stack. 

Why Choose MEAN Stack

Why Choose MEAN Stack
  • Flexibility  

One of the specialities of MEAN stack is its flexibility which makes it easier for the developer to work with. It used by small startups as well as large businesses. 

  • Free Open-Source Software  

MEAN stack is licensed and open-source software available in the market available for anyone which makes it to be cost-effective for enterprises and organizations. 

  • One Stack For Everything  

The frameworks which come under MEAN stack use only JavaScript programming language. Other frameworks require different languages to run, making the task of a developer hectic. 

  • High Speed 

Since MEAN stack is based on JavaScript, it is a convenient choice of the developers. From single-page applications to build chatbots, everything can be built on JavaScript which reduces the loading speed of the applications thus efficiently running them. 

  • AvoidReworking  

As mentioned earlier that one of the perks of using MEAN stack is that it allows the developer to transfer codes from one framework to another in an effortless manner. This procedure is usually time-consuming but with Mean stack framework its no difficult job. 

  • User-Friendly 

The Angular framework of Mean stack is known to give the most user-friendly attributes. It includes dynamic and interactive content.  

MEAN Stack Developer 

A MEAN Stack developer is the one who is a JavaScript-based application programmer. Mean stack developer can work on both the frontend as well as the backend JavaScript based applications. 

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Skills Required To Be A MEAN Stack Developer  

  • Good knowledge of programming languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. 
  • Frameworks based on JavaScript and CSS. 
  • Basic understanding of client-side as well as the server-side processes and their requirements. 
  • Basic knowledge of the architecture and workflow of MEAN stack 
  • Excellent knowledge of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js 

MEAN stack is known for it’s faster development and the easy deployment of web applications. It is intended to provide simple cloud-native full-stack JavaScript applications to the developers. 

MEAN Stack And Imenso Software  

With its numerous benefits, MEAN stack is growing in popularity. It is valued for flexibility, scalability and easy deployment, thus making it an excellent choice for the companies. 

If you visibly want to see how effortlessly MEAN stack framework does its job then, Imenso Software can be the best choice for your requirements.  

With our highly skilled full-stack programmers, you can build a customized web application.


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