Expanding Your Business? See How Automation Softwares Can Help You Do It Sooner

From the perspective of sales, growing a company means more and more of it. But more sales are a result of well thought out ideas and flawlessly executed systems. In recent times, every company that transitions from small scale to big leagues has had technology at the centre of its expansion plan.

Whether it’s a shoe manufacturing unit or a petroleum mining plant, it is inevitable to scale a business fast without automation.

According to‚ÄĮmarketsandmarkets.com, the automation market in the mining industry will grow by over 3 billion dollars by 2023. Automation has increased operational efficiency across sectors, including marketing, human resources, personnel safety, machine operations, accounting, etc.

Think about this, how the pandemic did not affect specific industries even after heavy restrictions and lockdown. The online banking sector, online delivery businesses, digital education products, ecommerce apps and other digital services were growing during the covid lockdown. They have seen tremendous growth over the covid fiscal year.

One underlying similarity of all these fast booming businesses is tech automation.

Covid 19 was an unprecedented situation, and many companies that took the opportunity to grow their business have invested in preparedness. And the ones who failed didn’t have reliable systems in place for emergencies which cost them years of hardships.

The biggest threat for businesses wanting to scale is the absence of systems that work. With small teams, a little time lost due to inefficiencies might not cost large sums of money. But when you scale to a larger group of people, the small incompetencies in the system can take upto 30% of the revenue.

Without system organization, the whole business might fall like a house of cards. That is where system automation softwares help you save your business.

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Why businesses should not ignore automation

Why businesses should not ignore automation

Covid 19 was a never happened before event. Businesses faced problems that didn’t even exist – Managing all the work from home, maintaining distances at the workplace, IT and cloud technology infrastructure, plus more.

Managing a constant flow of sales and income in any circumstances is essential for a business, and automation softwares is the answer to that. Automation softwares is the leading edge for any business trying to grow in the ever-changing digital world where companies have to adapt quickly.

For instance, during covid, many artists organized virtual concerts and live streams on social media. To meet the social distancing requirements, big event organizers turned online for gathering the crowd.

Restaurants and cafes also used food delivery apps like¬†Ubereats,¬†zomato,¬†doordash¬†to keep them open without dining permissions. This wouldn’t have been possible without a proper system of apps and delivery agents in place with automation efficiently. The most significant advantage of integrating automation software is quick adaptability in unknown situations.

Without an automation system, it is tough to keep business open in any unforeseen event. Besides this, there are many other benefits of automation software for all the departments of companies. Take a look.

Reduced administrative and operational cost

All the administrative work of filing and keeping the records of business is getting tedious. Automation software reduces the time consumed in performing all administrative duties. It also helps to maintain, collect and store all the documents without any employee involvement.

In the global market, businesses always have to deal with the pressure to enhance their performance further and thus profit. A straightforward way is to use automation software and reduce operational costs.

Here, we don’t mean that companies should shut down their IT departments because that would be a big hit in today’s fast-paced world. Instead, using automation software is an intelligent alternative. It doesn’t reduce operation costs but also helps businesses deliver a more satisfactory experience to the end-user. Systematically managing the business operation with the least human involvement is what makes automation software an excellent investment.

The cost of employing the operations staff can also be reduced by more than 60%. Installing automation software is a win for all businesses, whether big, small or multinational.

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Enhanced customer support

Covid has made it clear that online is the way to go to cope with any scenario. And one of the ways to ensure that businesses run smoothly while expanding online is to improve online sales. Increasing sales online is not always a straight road. While buying things online, people have specific questions about the product and services offered, and the sooner their issues get resolved, the faster they will buy.

Employing full-time professionals to talk to customers will cost you a fortune if you start in the online business zone. And as the number of customers increase, so are the queries. Thus you will need more people to manage the increased volume of customers.

Automation software systems like chatbots are the best solution here. These can replace human workers. Not entirely, there might be some complex questions that will need human assistance, but a large number of questions can be pre-fed into the systems with answers, which reduces the human dependency to a greater extent.

A good experience online is all that a business can deliver to keep its promise to customers. Automation softwares are also great to collect new leads from the website. It works both ways; for businesses, it delivers a better experience to customers and contains leads, and for customers, it resolves their issues quickly.

Productivity booster

Productivity booster

Growing a business needs technology to become a giant machine that delivers results with productivity. This is also the primary concern for companies while expanding, as there are many departments to coordinate and make a good run.

Using IT systems to enhance productivity while business expansion might seem like the right way initially, but it is not always so. Imagine the HR department has to do more hiring in a short period. Instead of recruiting the right professionals faster, they have more workload due to the unnecessary PC work that has to be done.

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Automation through job scheduling software can resolve such problems quickly. Now, HR professionals don’t have to give away every instruction to the computer manually; instead, as soon as the first phase of the recruitment process is completed, the candidate’s profile moves to the next one automatically.

While we are discussing the productivity enhancement for HR, this is equally true for other departments too – Marketing and sales, IT, operations, logistics and others.

Get the most advanced automation software for your business.

Choosing automation software for business expansion is the right choice. And it will be an investment that the business will reap benefits from in a short time. But doing it on your own might be a daunting task.

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