Does Your Business Have A Mobile-Friendly Website? Learn How It Can Be Beneficial 

Does Your Business Have A Mobile-Friendly Website? Learn How It Can Be Beneficial 

The results of various studies and data analytics point towards one monstrously rising trend – the penetration of mobile devices. Take this study from Statista, which calculated that till October 2020, there are around 4.66 billion active mobile phone users globally. That is around 56% of the world population. 

Another study from the same company concluded that 55% of the total web page views are from mobile. 

Do you think that is too good to be true? 

Think about how many Google searches you do from desktop vs. the searches you do on mobile comfortably sitting on the couch or commuting from work. Mobile is the first choice for many people. Isn’t it? 

Applying the same numbers for your business website, if it is not mobile-friendly, you are serving only 40% of your potential customers. 

What Exactly Are Mobile-Friendly Websites? 

While talking about mobile optimization of websites, there is a common overlap of the terms, mobile-friendly and responsive design. Often used as replacements for each other, the terms have a slight difference in functionality. It is necessary to understand the difference as both of them affects the rankings and user experience on mobile. 

In mobile-friendly sites, the code is designed to shrink the exact information on the website to display on the small screen space of mobile devices as it would on a desktop. From a user experience perspective, this is not impressive. It leads to unnecessary trouble of zooming in and pinching on the screen to make the content consumable. 

While responsive websites restructure the website content to fit the device screen (mobile, tablet, pc) and present the information in easy to read and pleasing format. Rendering responsive websites is a little more difficult but creates a much seamless user experience. 

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The key difference between a mobile-friendly website and a responsive design is the layout of information. All the responsive websites are mobile-friendly but not all mobile-friendly sites are responsive. 

To cut the story short, you should focus on getting the website a responsive design as it creates a much better user experience across all devices and screen sizes. 

Benefits of A Responsive Website 

Benefits of A Responsive Website

The emphasis on optimizing business websites for mobile is not just the huge numbers of humans using mobile, there are various other perks too. 

Let’s dig in. 

1. Mobile Is Future Proof 

As the internet is becoming more accessible, the use of mobile devices is rising and will rise in the future too. 

The digital world is famous to change fast. Even before we get accustomed to one trend, there is another invention that disrupts the market. But mobile is a safe bet. 

Even if the tech giants of the world keep launching new mobile devices with better features, bigger screen, faster internet and more. Responsive website design is a safeguard against all of these trends and the future ones too. 

2. Creates Better User Experience 

How many times have you left a webpage because the information is not visible? So if your website is not mobile-friendly, the same is happening with it right now. Users today not only cares about what information they are looking for, they also want it properly presented. 

A responsive website satisfies this demand of customers. Users keep switching between devices throughout the day, mobile, tablet, and pc. Your website must keep up with the screen size and layout. Today customers expect this level of functionality online. 

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Another obvious benefit of creating a soothing online experience is improved user retention and low bouncing rates. 

3. Better Google Ranking 

Google has announced over a year ago, the mobile-first index update. It will commence on March 5 2021. The popular search engine has made it very clear that desktop only website will be dropped out of the index completely. 

Now you might think, that this is about the mobile index, but Google gives a lot of priority to website design. How well the website complements different screens is important for goggle. Thus responsive mobile design also improves ranking on the search engine. 

4. Edge Over Competition 

The online audience is a tough crowd. It’s not easy to retain customers without an exceptional experience. Customers don’t just buy the product, they care about the relationship with the brand as well. A fine user experience through a responsive website can make your business stand out from the competition and make your audience your loyal customers. 

Even today only 56% of total small businesses have a mobile-friendly website. If you act fast and establish a responsive website, your competitors who don’t have a well-structured website, their customers will soon be visiting your store. 

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4. Easy Management 

Making two different websites for mobile and desktop doesn’t make sense for both the business and its finances. Responsive designs do both jobs at once. No one has to diligently change the layout of text, images, and videos according to the user’s device. 

Responsive designs also have the extra advantage of loading fast. And Google loves sites that have less loading time. This in turn also helps in ranking higher in the SERP ranking.  

5. Access To A More Personal Space 

Every one of us has a mobile device. It is more like a personal statement than just an electronic device. Through mobile, businesses have an opportunity to get to know their customers better and entice them with a personalized experience. 

To optimize your business website for mobile is the first step to create a much deeper bond with your customers. So that your products and services be a part of their life for a long, long time. 

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The number of businesses on the internet is continuously increasing. It’s not just about the big enterprises and MNCs. SMBs are actively fighting for the customer’s attention too. 

But if the number of businesses is on the rise so is the quantity of mobile users. 

Make the shift to a faster, more efficient, and loved by customers website with responsive design and experience the power of the internet for your business. 

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Imenso Software is a leading website development company, we work to create and implement software solutions to lead enterprises and businesses towards online success. 

Let us know how we can help with the website development and make your business website more mobile-friendly. 


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