Challenges In Developing An eCommerce Mobile App

Ecommerce July 7, 2021 | 5 min read
Challenges In Developing An eCommerce Mobile App

Mobile devices are the virtual world of our time which is very real for more people than we can imagine. There is nothing that can’t be done on mobile, from learning how to shoot a video to buying a high-definition telescope for stargazing. Humans can fulfil any desire just with a click on their mobile screens.  

Such undeniable penetration of mobile devices is why more and more ecommerce websites are also getting a mobile application developed for their customers. An ecommerce mobile app is a great way to keep in touch with the customers and assist companies in getting more committed customers in the future. An ecommerce mobile app is a future-proof strategy that will not fail.  

However, developing an ecommerce app with desired features is not easy. There are plenty of things to consider and analyze even before the development starts. There is a lot to be done, from assessing the market trends, consumer needs and expectations to app deployment, user feedback, and bug fixes.  

For a first-time ecommerce entrepreneur, it might be a little overwhelming to get started in the mobile app market. You need a trusted and experienced partners like ecommerce development companies to assess different aspects of mobile app development with utmost precision.  

For instance, our world went into lockdown in 2020. Even after the lockdown is lifted, the coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes in human behavior, which must get addressed by the app development team. Now ecommerce apps must have online payment options to promote no-touch delivery and ensure the safety of their customers.  

While the trends keep changing with varying social norms and situations, it makes the app development cost a bit high, but over time, ecommerce app owners will get a higher ROI.  

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To help you understand the process better, let’s discuss the common challenges that development teams encounter.  

1. The quest for choosing the right technology  

Picking the technology and platform is the first and the most crucial one too. With the advent of technology, there is a myriad of options to develop a robust ecommerce app. Several platforms can be used to create a robust web app or mobile app for your ecommerce store.  

For instance, depending on your target audience and which OS they use, you need to decide whether to build a web app or cross-platform app or native app. Whichever one you choose, make sure the app has a seamless user experience across all major platforms and browsers. Between Android, iOS and cross-platform technologies, the right platform can be selected based on features required, security, target audience, scalability, and others.  

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Another way to build powerful web apps is via platforms like Shopify and Magento. For a small to a medium-sized ecommerce store, you can build an ideal app with Shopify. It provides good functionality for start-ups too. Similarly, Magento can be used for enterprise-level applications for a functional ecommerce mobile app.   

Our mobile app development company is proficient in developing robust and reliable native and cross-platform apps using react native framework. Contact our developer team to know more.  

2. The concern for security  

What makes any app most desirable as well as trustworthy is its security. And the security of an ecommerce app is indeed a problem for developers. All ecommerce apps have to provide secure online transactions and payment options. For this, the app data system has to securely store the confidential personal and financial information of customers.  

Even a single hacking attempt can destroy your brand reputation. In light of increased cases of cyberattacks and malware activities, your app security should be your top priority.  

To create an extra level of security and trust among your customers, provide additional features in the app like encryption, single sign-on, verification codes, fingerprint scanning and others. Such features will associate your ecommerce app with high-security standards and thus customer loyalty.  

3. Hand-picking the right features  

Hand-picking the right features

This is another big barrier for both app owners and developers. Deciding on the right features is vital to attract and keep your customers. You should discuss the requirements with your ecommerce mobile app development partner to know what features to keep. Mostly the essential features are there in all ecommerce apps and keeping them is necessary to meet user’s expectations. If due to the absence of an essential feature, users might have a bad shopping experience which brings the wrong understanding of your business.  

Besides the standard features like shopping cart, search bar and menu, developers can also add advanced features like personalized shopping list, voice assistance, reviews, star ratings and others to give users an unforgettable app experience. Social media integrations and feedback are other additional features for your app.  

4. Look out for skills and experience.  

When you hire an ecommerce mobile app developer, ask about their expertise and experience. Sometimes it is difficult for seasoned developers to code certain features of an ecommerce app. It is possible that some developers might lack the understanding of business models or market trends, so their skills fall short for the project.  

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Also, every app is based on different technology and, therefore, requires subject matter expertise. It is crucial to find developers who have hands-on experience in a specific domain.  

While you’re looking to hire mobile app developers, also evaluate them on their ability to meet deadlines. The ecommerce industry is rapidly evolving where time to market is significantly important to get success and stay one step ahead of competitors.  

5. Guarded payment gateways 

Making the payment is rather a personal choice of customers than a standard approach. We have so many payment options, and everyone can choose whichever one they like to pay your ecommerce business. Integrating all the payment modes is mandatory to allow customers to pay through anyone they prefer.  

Your ecommerce app should support all the payment variants, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, WhatsApp payment and other options. You can also introduce an in-app wallet like the e-commerce giant amazon so that customers can pay in a click swiftly.  

Furthermore, you should also integrate the refund process and payments in the ecommerce app. And make sure the digital payment modes are secure and seamless.  

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Concluding thoughts  

This would sound a little far-fetched, but a lot of development challenges and problems can be avoided by hiring experienced mobile app developers from a reliable company. Think about it, what’s the point of spending a fortune on an ecommerce app that your customers don’t like?  

An ecommerce app development company and its trained team can help you mitigate any risk of the app development process in advance and help your business save money and capital.   

Interested in developing a thriving mobile app for your ecommerce store? Contact us, and we will help you sort every aspect of the app development process effectively.  


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