12 Instant Ecommerce Hacks to Boost Your Online Store Sales Today

12 Instant Ecommerce Hacks to Boost Your Online Store Sales Today

In 2020, $861.12 billion were spent on eCommerce sales. That is last year alone, online sales have improved by a staggering 44%!  

And even if you still can’t comprehend how big the eCommerce industry has become, think it this way, more than half of the world population prefer shopping online.  

There are an estimated 12-24 million eCommerce stores on the internet. So if the demand has increased so is the supply. It is not just about buying a site address, adding the products and the sales will start coming.  

You need to be strategic and creative to beat the competition and come out on top in the market. The best way to do that is SALES.  

Today we’ll see 9 most effective and instant eCommerce sales hack to get your eCommerce rolling.  

Let’s begin.  

1. Upselling  


Small eCommerce store managers overlook the easiest selling trick: upselling.  

It is a wrong assessment that it doesn’t work or work for a small eCommerce service with limited products. That’s not true.  

Like Amazon, you can also bundle up relevant products or past sales data to analyze the most bought items and make an upsell widget on your product pages.  

It is calculated that you can increase up to 4% sales through upselling to your existing customers alone. 4% doesn’t sound much, but if you figure it against the last year’s sales, it is a significant difference.  

2. More Product Images and Video  

The best hack to sell more is to help your customers figure out what they want. Images and videos are the way to do that. Adding more pictures and video of the product helps the visitors visualize more effectively as to how the product will look on them.  

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For an online watch store, a 360-degree video will help the visitors virtually feel how the watch will look on their wrist and which outfit will be best to pair it with.  

Videos are also proven to increase engagement, and this also helps to get better user retention metrics on Google. This can be game-changer in improving your conversions and Google rankings alike.  

3. SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Every store owner knows that their sales are not going to skyrocket without top organic rankings. They are aware that SEO optimization is vital for over the top conversions but apparently thinks that it will somehow be taken care of.  

Let’s be realistic and admit that SEO is not the instant hack you are looking for. It is more of a long game, but not investing your time and money into SEO for your online store will cost you more in terms of long term sales.  

Here are a few quick tips to speed up the SEO results.  

  • Meta tag and description optimization (describe your products with catchy titles and add benefits in the description) 
  • Target the right keyword (be specific and target long tail and detailed keywords)  
  • Optimize the image alt tags  

4. Persuasive Copy  

If selling more on eCommerce platforms would have been easy, everybody will be chilling at their beach house. Well, that’s not the case.  

So what’s keeping your store from selling more? Persuasive Copy. It includes everything on your website from home page intro, product descriptions to CTAs.  

free estimation

To write persuasive copy focus on communicating the value of your products to your visitors. Don’t just write the standard features. Be descriptive and add every possible benefit of your product in the description.  

Imagine this, what if you have a physical store instead of an online eCommerce site, what is the difference? Online, there is no salesperson or store manager to help your customers figure out which product is the best fit for them.  

A well written persuasive copy is that sales assistance which is absent online.  

5. A/B Testing for Product Pages  

A big part of increasing conversions on your product pages is to test it aggressively until you find what works. The best performing e-commerce websites test fast and test more.  

You can start testing your website by changing the product descriptions, fonts, color and theme, product images and more. Use an A/B testing tool once you have made the changes to boost your conversions.  

Some reference for what you can do for successful A/B testing: 

  • Change the images of the product or maybe add a video  
  • Improve the CTA copy by adding a benefit or a limited time discount  
  • Change the color of your buy now buttons  

6. Mobile Optimization 

Mobile Optimization

Almost all mobile users have bought something on their phone at least once. And this sales stat is increasing continuously. If you haven’t optimized your eCommerce store for Mobile, you are losing a lot of business to your competitor just because of a mobile-friendly website.  

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If you want to target a billion more people for your product, don’t forget to optimize the store for Mobile. This simple functionality can take your sales through the roof.  

7. Social Proofs and Testimonials  

Customers are more likely to buy a product that someone has purchased before. This is the bandwagon effect of psychology in effect. People are 90% more likely to buy things recommended by family or friends and 70% more likely to purchase items liked by a stranger. It makes them feel like it is the right decision to make.  

Just by adding the reviews on each product page, Amazon increased their conversions by 58%! Only by adding social proof.  

Think about what a rating widget near your eCommerce product can do for your revenue and conversions.  

Another intelligent eCommerce hack is to add customer showcase for your products. This adds another layer of social trust. Embed the actual posts of your customer from social media.  

You can ask your customers to tag your eCommerce social media profiles in their pictures. Or you can also run contests on social media for the extra marketing and social proof you need to drive more conversions.  

8. Less Than 3 Seconds Loading Time  

How long has it been since you checked your website loading time?  

It is estimated that 3 seconds is all it takes for a visitor to bounce back. And the probability of a visitor coming back to your site after bouncing back is very low.  

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Optimize your site pages to load in less than 3 seconds to retain all your visitors and increase conversions.  

You can use tools like Google page speed insights or sites like https://www.webpagetest.org/ to measure your site performance for loading time.  

One easy hack to improve the page speed is by reducing the size of the product images. The results of compressing the image size on page load speed are immediate.  

9. Free Shipping 

Free Shipping 

This is an established truth that customers love to buy online but hate to pay for shipping. 47% of people said they abandoned their cart because there was no free shipping available.  

Use this consumer behavior to your advantage and start offering free shipping to reach your sales goals in half the time.  

Let’s have a quick recap:  

  • Start Upselling 
  • Add more product images and videos  
  • Optimize for SEO  
  • Write engaging copy and product descriptions 
  • A/B Test Your Product Pages for Conversion Optimization 
  • Don’t forget to optimize for Mobile  
  • Bring customers reviews from social  
  • Make it load faster  
  • Offer free shipping 
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If you need advanced eCommerce solutions to improve your website conversions, feel free to contact our specialist from various industries to set up a store that customers just won’t stop coming!  


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