Warehouse audit management tool

Project Audit Tool
Industry Logistics
  • Customizable audit plans
  • SendGrid integration
  • Multi users and locations
  • Assessment builder

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Audit Tool
Project Brief

A cloud-based SaaS platform to manage audits for supply chain & logistics operations.

The client seeks a comprehensive solution to streamline and enhance operational audits within the organization. The goal is to automate audit processes, improve data accuracy, and provide actionable insights to optimize operational efficiency. The core challenges were:

  • Facilitate collaborative workflow among audit stakeholders through a centralized platform.
  • Develop robust reporting capabilities to generate insightful and visually engaging reports based on inspection raw data.
  • Facilitates the tracking of audit findings, recommendations, and action plans.
  • Assign criticality level to each question and different weightage to each level for score calculations.

An intuitive and user-friendly tool designed to automate and standardize operational audit processes, ensuring a cohesive and efficient experience for all stakeholders involved.

We’ve crafted a tool that integrates automation, collaboration, and advanced analytics, transforming the landscape of operational audit methodologies.


Design questionnaire for distinct categories

We have developed an option to targeted sets of questions tailored to specific operational aspects, processes, or departments.

Moreover, users have the flexibility to download a sample CSV file, populate it with their own set of questions, and seamlessly import the questionnaire into the tool.


Audit scheduling

Incorporate new audit sites seamlessly, complete with specific locations, and effortlessly schedule audits by establishing categorized questionnaires and checklist tailored to each site.

Also, scheduler can allocate proportional weightages to individual categories to facilitate precise score calculations.


Delegating audits to Auditors

Created a dedicated auditor panel, empowering auditors to efficiently oversee and manage their assigned audit sites. The scheduling process is streamlined for schedulers, allowing them to effortlessly assign audits by selecting the designated auditor and site manager with a simple, user-friendly interface.

Apart from the planned audits, conduct Surprise Audits that only auditors can view.


Execute comprehensive audits

We have integrated Sendgrid for emails to notify Auditor and relevant site managers about their upcoming audits. Throughout the inspection phase auditor fills out the predefined questionnaires, checklists, upload related documents, images, and evidence directly into the audit tool.

Furthermore, we’ve incorporated a user-friendly calendar feature, empowering auditors to effortlessly view and manage their assigned audits in a chronological order.


Assign and track improvement action plans

Following the inspection, auditors can seamlessly delegate actionable tasks to their team members through our integrated system. They have the capability to set due dates for tasks and can upload relevant documents.

Team members can conveniently access their assigned tasks from their personalized panel for prompt action. Additionally, we’ve implemented a seamless comment system, fostering effective communication between auditors and team members.


Classify gaps and generate reports

Drawing from the collected inspection data, the tool autonomously generates a suite of visually compelling reports, these reports offer immediate insights into compliance levels, potential risks, and areas requiring attention.

Accessible to authorized stakeholders, these reports serve as invaluable decision-making resources.

Other Key Features

Additionally, here are some notable functionalities that enhance the overall audit process.


Real-time data collection


Create master records


Track audit process


Advanced search and filtering

What we have achieved

By combining automation, collaboration, and advanced analytics, we redefine the way of approach for operational audits.

  • Boost overall operational efficiency by optimizing audit workflows.
  • Reduces the risk of human error associated with manual data entry and documentation.
  • Optimized workflows to empower auditors focus on analysis and decision-making.
  • Increased transparency between all stakeholders.

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