Validating employee assessment and internal appraisals

Project UL
Industry Human Resources
  • Organization chart
  • Search engine
  • Role chart
  • Employee profiles

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Project Brief

The contents for assessment were made up with wide range of skills such as technical, CBS (Communication and Behavioral), computer etc.

The organization has a huge hierarchy with departments, sub department and different sectors based on work stream. The challenge was to create effective multi-tier organization with various departments and user levels.


Started with the admin panel to easily map all the organization chart and users.

All the users has been assigned a reporting manager who validate all the performance indicators filled by an employee. Furthermore we created an internal skill search engine that search employees by skills and facilitated the recruitment process.


Organization Chart

Imenso Software created an interactive user interface to create the company hierarchy and visualize in a simplistic way.


Search Engine

Internal search engine that matches the qualified employees to the higher jobs and alert the employees about skills they required to apply for a higher job position.


Role Chart

Admin can create any role and the skills required for that roles in organization to better match the candidates for a position.


Employee Profiles

Managers can view the detailed validated skills of any employee in the organization.

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