Time and attendance management system

  • Industry: HR Management
  • Country: USA

The goal of developing the time and attendance management system is to streamline and automate the processes related to tracking attendance management operations including employee’s timesheets, attendance, and leave management.

The core challenges

  • Manual data entry errors: In the absence of an automatic machine, employees may additionally manually input their operating time, growing the hazard of information access errors which includes incorrect clock in and clock out times, lacking breaks, or incorrect paintings hours calculations.
  • Compliance risks: It may be difficult to ensure compliance with labor law, organization guidelines or guidelines when paintings hours, breaks and extra time are monitored with the aid of manual recording. Penalties may want to comply with from that.
  • Lack of employee duty: Manual structures cannot have a mechanism wherein group of workers are held answerable for their attendance and compliance with the enterprise's policies. This may also cause inconsistent enforcement of the policies, absenteeism, and troubles to be able to proactively deal with attendance problems.
  • Limited visibility and reporting: Without a primary gadget, managers and HR body of workers can be constrained of their get entry to employee attendance statistics resulting in hard monitoring of traits, evaluation styles and the generation of specific reviews on payroll processing, enterprise choices and labor planning.
  • Resources wastage: HR experts and executives have treasured time and sources at their disposal when processing attendance facts, timesheets and leave requests manually. The loss of efficiency may lead to productivity loss, increased management burden and a better operating fee. The lack of efficiency could lead to productivity loss, increased administration burden and higher operating costs.

Solution We have developed a user-friendly time and attendance management system which offers organizations a number of benefits, including expanded performance, better accuracy, stepped forward compliance, transparent strategies, streamlined go away control, records-driven insights, price financial savings, and higher productiveness degrees throughout the staff.

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    Efficiency: This tool automates the system of tracking employee work hours, breaks, beyond regular time, and attendance.
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    Accuracy: Automated time tracking ensures accuracy in reducing mistakes consisting of manual facts access mistakes, time robbery, and friend punching.
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    Transparency: Employees have access to their attendance records and timesheets, incorporated into this tool.
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    Streamlined leave management: It simplifies leave management strategies by using permitting employees to submit depart requests electronically, track their depart balances in actual-time, and get hold of notifications concerning depart approvals or rejections. It enables managers to study and approve depart requests promptly, ensuring ok staffing ranges and minimizing scheduling conflicts.
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    Cost savings: By reducing guide approaches, eliminating time theft, improving accuracy in payroll calculations, and optimizing workforce management practices. It minimizes the risk of overpayment, reduces administrative overhead, and enhances operational efficiency.

Equipped with variety
of features.

The application offers a diverse and comprehensive range of features. We have integrated different types of features, Power BI dashboards and workflows.

  • Login Screen with embedded OTP
  • Maintaining Attendance
  • Monitoring Breaks
  • Leaves management
  • Historical track records of Employee’s Attendance, timesheets, and leaves on SharePoint
  • Shift Regularization
  • Microsoft Teams notification to employee in case of approval or denied regularization and leave request
  • Autoflow of email to Supervisor about the login details of the specific employee
  • Timesheet maintenance
  • Power BI dashboards - Team Analytics & Project Analytics

How we play with different controls?

SharePoint integration for track records

Integrated SharePoint to centralize Attendance, Leaves, Regularization and Timesheet tracking for all the employees.

Power automate workflows with teams & outlook

We Designed the workflows for automated notifications, approvals, and data updates in Ultron.

Power BI dashboards

Utilize Power BI visualizations to create insightful dashboards and reports for analyzing the Team Analytics and Project Analytics.

By adding useful features.

To elevate the application and provide an enhanced user experience, we've incorporated a range of features empowering users to interact seamlessly with Ultron.

Attendance management

Users have the flexibility to record their start, end times and break hours for work, Apply Leaves operation allows employees to request time off, Regularization involves correcting or adjusting attendance records.

Timesheet filling

Users can track and record all the tasks on which they worked along with that they can track their work hours which helps in calculating employee pay, monitoring productivity, and ensuring compliance with labor regulations.

User friendly design

Ultron has a very user-friendly design that enhances the overall user experience.

Check different lists on sharePoint

Through SharePoint Employees & Supervisors can check their historical track records of Attendance, Leaves, Regularization and Timesheet.


Explore more.
Additional features.


Leaves tracking which will help supervisors. Supervisors can use leave tracking information to communicate effectively with their teams about upcoming absences, project timelines, and workload distribution.


Login with OTP. OTP login provides an additional layer of protection as compared to traditional password-based authentication. Since the OTP is legitimate for a single use and has a short expiration time, it reduces the chance of unauthorized sign in due to stolen or compromised credentials.

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