Team Organiser - Event management platform for teams

Client TO, UK
Industry Media and Entertainment
  • Team creation
  • Task management
  • Paid subscription management
  • Multiple user roles
  • Checkout with secure online payments

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Team Organiser
Project Brief

Team Organiser helps in collaborating the team together to plan and track on any event.

Client wanted a custom web application to manage their team events such as seminars, workshops, sports, music etc. Moreover, it should help event organizers, attendees, and authors by providing them with information about the event and participants registering in.

Extensibility– Create modularity so that the application can be extended for more complex features.


A web-based platform that creates multi-disciplinary teams and invites them to participate in various events.


Create teams and invite members

Easily create teams with the specified roles and permissions.


Manage Team Events

Manage team events with various tasks, and track the status of the tasks in an intuitive custom event calendar.


Invite members

Invite the members for an event by sending invitations and track their acceptance.


Manage Paid Subscriptions

If the earned rewards are not sufficient to get the event tickets then the volunteers can purchase the ticket by checking out with secured payment gateway.

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