Social media platform for live video streaming

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  • Country: United States
Social media platform

The project – goal, expectation and challenges

Develop a social media platform with essential features that enable seamless real-time engagement between content creators and viewers, incorporating live video streaming capabilities for an enriched interactive experience.

  • Integrate a robust media server to facilitate high-quality live video streaming with low latency.
  • Develop features that enable content creators to monetize their content through virtual gifts, sponsorships, and ad revenue.
  • Design an intuitive and visually appealing web and responsive interface.
  • Foster a positive and vibrant community by implementing robust moderation tools to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Implement robust security measures to protect user data and ensure the privacy of both content creators and viewers.

Unveiling our success – strategies and approach

Following an in-depth research phase and a comprehensive grasp of essential functionalities, we successfully engineered a user-friendly platform. This dynamic space encompasses all fundamental features of a social media platform while seamlessly integrating the captivating dimension of live video streaming.

Go live or schedule - Employing an intuitively designed and user-friendly interface, content creators can effortlessly choose between instant live streaming or scheduling their activities with utmost simplicity.

Connect with audience - Audience experience smooth navigation through both live and upcoming activities. We have integrated a reliable media server Wowza for handling live video streams, with a focus on optimizing performance and minimizing latency.

Collaborate & Earn - Monetize your streams by earning through sponsorships, advertising partnerships, or receiving tips from viewers. We've seamlessly incorporated a secure payment gateway, ensuring smooth and secure transactions for users.

Social media platform

Innovative features of social media platform 

In addition to live streaming, we've crafted a wide range of interactive features aimed at enriching the overall user experience within the platform. These features present users with a diverse set of engaging functionalities while simultaneously providing the platform owner with opportunities for revenue generation.

Live streaming

We’ve implemented an intuitive and accessible user interface for initiating and managing live broadcasts, ensuring a seamless experience for both content creators and viewers.

  • Multiple cameras: Integrated Wowza API to facilitate high-quality video delivery, enabling the use of multiple cameras for varied angles while maintaining low latency.
  • Monetization: Implemented monetization features, such as virtual gifts, sponsorships or ad revenue sharing, to provide content creators with incentives for live broadcasting.
  • Audience engagement: Integrated real-time comments, likes, and reactions to enhance viewer engagement during live broadcasts.
Social media platform
Social media platform


We've successfully incorporated a robust advertising feature, offering businesses and advertisers a dynamic tool to effectively engage and connect with their target audience.

  • Location-based targeting, interest-based targeting, audience-based targeting.
  • Diverse ad formats tailored to meet the unique requirements of advertisers.
  • Comprehensive analytics tools for advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns, including impressions, clicks, and conversion rates.

Event Management

We've innovatively crafted an event management feature, empowering users with the capability to effortlessly plan, promote, and execute a diverse range of events.

  • Users can actively engage by expressing their interest or confirming attendance for their preferred events.
  • Seamlessly invite friends to join your preferred events.
  • The event planner gains valuable insights by accessing the responses submitted by users who have expressed interest.
Social media platform
Social media platform


Another interesting feature is to market your products, created a dynamic space for users to buy and sell products seamlessly.

  • User-friendly interfaces for creating and managing product listings.
  • Facilitating the sale of multimedia items, such as images or videos.
  • Robust search functionality and filters to enhance product discovery.
Social media platform


An all-encompassing social media platform, it encompasses essential features for user engagement, real-time interaction, and serves as a robust avenue for platform owners to generate revenue through advertising, premium features, and product sales.

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