Real estate sales CRM and website development

  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Country: United States
Real estate CRM

Triwinds serves its residents, managers and owners by acquiring properties and investing in those communities to build long-term value. Triwinds is a family that seeks to create a positive impact in the regions it serves by building a sense of community, responsibility and safety. 

The project goal and expectations

Develop a prototype for a cutting-edge Customer Relationship Management system tailored for seamless management of Pre-Sale and Post-Sale activities.

  • Design an intuitive and user-friendly system for parks and properties listing.
  • Effortless leads administration and follow-up system.
  • Set goals for sales team and track progress.
  • Streamline task management for enhance productivity.
  • Graphical insights to analyze pre-sale and post-sale performance.
  • Interactive website for attracting prospective buyers.

How we did it 

We have crafted a prototype that serve as a visual representation of key features, workflows, and interactions, laying the foundation for a fully functional CRM system that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of real estate pre-sale and post-sale processes. 

Market research - We meticulously examine prevailing industry trends and closely analyze comparable services in the market to inform our approach.

Conceptualization and wireframing - Based on market research, we planned initial design concepts and created low-fidelity wireframes outlining the basic structure and layout of the prototype. 

Prototyping and user testing - Crafted clickable interactive prototype that simulates the user experience and conducted usability testing to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement.

Real estate CRM

Innovative features of real estate sales CRM 

In our pursuit of optimizing the sales workflow and enhancing agents productivity, we've meticulously crafted a multitude of user-friendly features, which includes: 

Optimizing property showcasing - listing parks and homes made easy

This feature is designed to simplify the workflow for real estate agents and property managers, enhancing efficiency and ensuring that property information is accurately and promptly made available to potential buyers.

  • Easily input and upload essential details about a property, including its location, type, size, amenities, and other relevant features.
  • Effectively manage the present status of the property.
  • Seamlessly manage listings for Rent or Sale from a unified option.
Real estate CRM

Maximizing potential through lead management

In the dynamic and competitive world of real estate, effective lead management is essential for converting potential buyers.

We identified the challenges inherent in lead management within the sales process and designed user-friendly lead management system that empowers sales teams to navigate through lead-related tasks effortlessly.

Real estate CRM

Strategic goal setting and effective task management

To enhance sales in a competitive market, it is crucial to define explicit targets and adeptly coordinate individual tasks for teams.

To ensuring an effective and streamlined workflow we have innovatively designed solutions to seamlessly manage & track tasks and goals.

Real estate CRM

Reports for proactive decision making

By leveraging inputs from both pre-sale and post-sale activities, we have adeptly visualized a variety of comprehensive reports that empower real estate professionals with actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions, refine strategies, and deliver exceptional services.

Real estate CRM

The final product

A user-friendly and industry-aligned solution that holds the potential to transform how real estate professionals conduct and optimize their pre-sale and post sale processes.

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