Platform to manage translation services

Project ArabEasy
Industry Human Resources
  • Split large documents
  • AI based translation
  • Progress tracking
  • Review and Rating
  • Real time notifications

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Project Brief

Arabeasy specializes in business translation services. Our client needed a web portal capable of efficiently managing assessments and matching them with the most suitable translators in real-time, based on their availability. The key challenges are: 

  • Split the big translation files (Size in GBs) into multiple files so they can assign them to various translators. 
  • Assessment documents come in various file formats, so goal is to extract word counts from these diverse document types effortlessly. 
  • Develop an advanced AI system for Computer-Aided Translation. 

We’ve developed an application that empowers administrators to oversee all assessments, assign them to the right translator based on their availability, and closely monitor and assess the ongoing progress. 


Translator onboarding

Translators can register by providing their personal information and participating in language pair assessments through our custom-built test panel. The admin then evaluates and approves translator profiles.


Create and assign assessments

Created an intuitive feature that allows users to easily create new assessments and assign by selecting the services i.e. translation, proofreading, VGA, and QA.


Split large documents

Created option to upload large document files and split them into multiple files based on the number of words for doc, number of tabs for xlsx, and number of slides for ppt.


Delivery plan and track the progress

Developed option to define delivery plan by setting up deadline and track the progress to ensure assessments stay on schedule.


Reviews and rating

Manager can review the completed assessment and provide the feedback and rating to ensure the quality translations which reflect in translator’s profile.

Other Key Features

Additionally, here are some notable functionalities that enhance the user experience


Integration of AWS Cloud Watch for log management


Real time notifications


Multiple user roles


AI based translation

What we have achieved

Streamlining the assessment translation process for seamless management.

  • User analytics and performance metrics
  • Assessments forecasting
  • Real time status of team members
  • Increased productivity and transparency

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