Personalized shopping experience with 3D design tool

Project Uniform builder
Industry eCommerce
  • 360-degree rotating view for product design
  • Drag and drop customization
  • Payment gateway integration
  • E-Commerce integration
  • Multiple distributors

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Uniform builder
Project Brief

A user-friendly eCommerce website with an 3D design tool for customizing sports uniforms.

The client aspired to develop an application that empowers users to craft their own uniforms through an engaging 3D design tool, providing an interactive platform for design exploration and facilitating seamless order placement. The core challenges were:

  • Develop unique JavaScript code snippet to embed the customization tool along with all eCommerce features to existing websites.
  • Provide an extensive range of customization options, including diverse color palettes, font styles, graphics, and logo placements.
  • Drag-and-drop functionalities and user-friendly controls for a smooth design experience.
  • Integrate 3D visualization for users to preview their designs from different angles.

A cutting-edge and intuitive platform that empowers users to create and purchase customized sport uniforms with ease.

We have developed a comprehensive platform that combines innovative technology with user-centric design to offer a unique and seamless experience for designing and purchasing customized sports uniforms.



Super admin – Manage distributors

The Super Admin holds the prerogative to establish numerous distributor accounts and exert control over their status, with the ability to activate or deactivate any distributor as needed.

Furthermore, they possess the capability to oversee the products contributed by distributors, exercising control by enabling or disabling specific products.


Distributors – List products with customization choices

From product management to handling inquiries from potential buyers, our dedicated distributor panel offers a comprehensive suite of tools to efficiently navigate and enhance their operational capabilities.

Distributors can showcase their products by featuring high-quality images that offer customers a detailed view from various perspectives and they have the flexibility to provide specific customization options product wise.


Users – Browse products and personalize

User can navigate through a collection of available products and utilizing a designated customization tool to tailor uniforms according to their preferences.

The customization feature presents users with a live, 360-degree visual depiction of the uniform, complemented by a drag-and-drop functionality that facilitates effortless personalization of the product.


Secured checkout process

Users can seamlessly finalize orders for their personalized products with the convenience of multiple secure payment options.

Additionally, they wield the capability to enhance their order by incorporating detailed information about all team members, including names, numbers, sizes, and other relevant specifications.


Embed into existing website

Distributors have the capability to seamlessly integrate the design tool, complete with all E-Commerce functionalities, into their current websites with the simple addition of a distinctive JavaScript code snippet.

Other Key Features

Moreover, presented here are other remarkable functionalities that significantly improve the overall process:


Setup custom enquiry forms


Custom email templates


Implement custom fonts and colors


Advanced search and filtering

What we have achieved

A seamless, enjoyable, and personalized experience for users, coupled with robust features that streamline the entire process from customization to purchase.

  • Redefine the way customers interact with and personalize their sport uniforms.
  • Efficiently handles bulk orders for the entire team in a single transaction.
  • User-friendly controls for a smooth design experience.
  • Scalable and secured architecture to accommodate future growth.

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