Online store for selling whiteboards with custom design tool

Project Titan Boards
Industry eCommerce
  • Real time product customization
  • Design tool to visualize a room
  • Custom developed checkout process
  • Payment gateway integration

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Titan Boards
Project Brief

Simplifies the procurement process and saves time for customers by providing a one-stop solution for their product needs.

The client’s vision revolved around the creation of an E-commerce store specializing in the sale of Whiteboards, Pinboards, and Glassboards, enriched by an innovative feature that enables customers to visualize these boards seamlessly integrated into their own wall spaces. The core challenges were:

  • Develop custom WordPress theme development that supports all WooCommerce features.
  • Create a user-friendly visualize interface with a wide range of options for boards customization.
  • Integrate the customization tool with the e-commerce platform.
  • Build a personalized checkout page with versatile order processing options and the capability to generate varied invoices according to user selections.

A custom WordPress theme that support all comprehensive feature set of WooCommerce.

We have developed a custom WooCommerce website that not only delivers a flawless and enjoyable shopping journey for customers but also empowers users with robust tools to visually tailor and design boards according to their desired dimensions and specifications.


Custom theme development

Crafted a bespoke WordPress theme tailored to the specific needs of the client, providing an exclusive administrative interface for comprehensive control over various aspects of the website.


Visual interface for tailoring boards

We’ve developed a dynamic tool that empowers individuals to tailor boards precisely to their preferences, offering a user-friendly experience coupled with a rich set of customization options and real-time visual previews.


Integration of design tool with website products

Seamless incorporation of a design customization tool with main website, enabling users to effortlessly choose any product from the live platform, customize its appearance in real-time, and seamlessly proceed to checkout.


Personalized checkout page

Personalized checkout page that offers customers a selection of four distinct order processing options. Each choice leads to a unique invoicing structure, ensuring a customized and streamlined transaction process tailored to individual preferences.

Other Key Features

Additionally, here are some notable functionalities that enhance the overall shopping experience.


Order management


Compatibility across devices


Robust security


Performance optimized

What we have achieved

An innovative e-commerce platform featuring a cutting-edge real-time product customization tool, elevating the overall user experience by simplifying the shopping process.

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased sales
  • Reduced administrative cost
  • User-friendly interface

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