Mobile App for outsourcing translation services

Project WIP Mobile App
Industry Human Resources
  • Real time messaging
  • Box and Sendgrid integration
  • Advance search and filters
  • Secured payment processing
  • Rating and reviews

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WIP Mobile App
Project Brief

The client required a cloud and mobile-based marketplace that can helps businesses to translate their business documents to any language using the world’s top freelance translators. The core challenges were:

  • Translators: Enabling project submissions and precisely aligning expert translators with their ideal assignments.
  • Confidentiality: Many documents contain sensitive or confidential information. Ensuring the security and confidentiality of documents during the complete process of project completion.

We’ve developed a marketplace where clients can post their projects, evaluate bids from prospective translators, and designate the most suitable candidate by configuring delivery plans and payment terms to ensure seamless project assignments.


User Registration and Profiles

Users can create accounts, complete profiles, and provide information about their skills, experience, and expertise. This helps build trust and credibility within the marketplace. 


Project Posting and Bidding System

Clients can post detailed descriptions of the projects they need to be completed. This includes project specifications, requirements, budget, and deadline information and on other end translators can browse posted projects and submit bids or proposals for those they are interested in. 


Real time Chat

Built real-time chat using socket programming. As the clients are having highly confidential documents, we built leak proof mechanism. 


Payment Processing

We have integrated a secure payment system that facilitates transactions between clients and translators. Also created option to offer milestone payments or escrow services to ensure fair and timely payments. 


Ratings and Reviews

Clients and translators can leave reviews and ratings for each other after a project is completed. This helps build trust and provides transparency about the quality of work and reliability of users. 

Other Key Features

Additionally, here are some notable functionalities that enhance the user experience


Advance search and filters


Payment wallet and ledger management


Secured Document management with the Box Integration


Sendgrid integration with custom transactional emailing

What we have achieved

A user-friendly marketplace that efficiently matches clients with qualified translators.

  • Increased transparency between clients and translators
  • Ultimate collaborator tool
  • Valuable and in-depth insights
  • Increased productivity

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