Making translation as easy as ordering a cab

Project WIP
Industry B2B Marketplace
  • Project feed & bidding
  • Onboarding and language verification
  • Built real-time chat using socket programming
  • Braintree payment gateway and eWallet

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Project Brief

A marketplace that helps businesses to translate their business documents to any language using the world’s top freelance translators.


In order to gain speed and simplicity we make it a one page application, where translators can add language skills, bid on projects, chat with client and review the past projects.

Same methodology has been adopted for client panel to post projects and choose the qualified translator among all the bids.


Project feed & bidding

Create an intelligent algorithm to match the right projects to right translators. It should be quick to bid on projects, so we ajaxified the whole process and bidding becomes as quick as commenting on some post.


Onboarding and Language verification

Created an effective process to onboard translators belongs to various language groups. They sign up with quickly uploading their credentials. These can be further verified and rated by the site admin. Based on the ranking the translator can choose their rates per word.


Built real-time chat using socket programming

As the clients are having highly confidential documents, we built leak proof mechanism.


Braintree Payment Gateway and eWallet

Integrated Paypal Braintree for on-site payment processing with credit/debit cards. Also created enterprise module where all the enterprise users can share a common wallet to directly awarding the projects to the translators of their choice.

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