Inventory management and tracking Power App

  • Industry: Warehouse Management
  • Country: India

The goal of developing the Inventory Management App is to streamline and automate the Inventory tracking and Management.

The core challenges

  • Stock visibility: It was difficult to fulfill the orders in a timely manner due to the lack of real-time visibility into inventory levels at various locations or warehouses, which could lead to delays, customer discontent and potentially loss of business.
  • Inventory accuracy: Inventory Accuracy was not accurate due to the absence of a specific system to monitor inventory levels. This may result in shortages, overstocks, incorrect product counts and eventually a loss of sales or higher transport costs.
  • Manual processes: Without an inventory management application, many tasks related to inventory tracking, such as data entry, stock replenishment, and order processing, were manually performed.
  • Cost management: Excessive inventory control leads to increased carrying costs, e.g. storage, handling, and insurance charges. In addition, the loss of sales or excess inventory was affecting the organization’s bottom line.

Solution We have developed a user-friendly Inventory Management System which offers Organization several benefits, including stock visibility, automated process, records-driven insights, Power BI dashboard, and Inventory Accuracy.

  • found
    Improved inventory accuracy: Automated Inventory Management system helped our client to fulfill orders promptly and avoid costly disruptions in supply chain operations.
  • found
    Cost savings: By improving inventory accuracy, optimizing stock levels, and reducing manual processes, our inventory management systems help our client to save more costs.
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    Enhanced efficiency: Our solution streamlined the tasks such as order processing, stock replenishment, and data entry.

Equipped with variety
of features.

The application offers a diverse and comprehensive range of features. We have integrated different types of features, Power BI dashboards.

  • Send Email to vendor about stock.
  • Can see all the items at one place.
  • Embedded Power BI dashboard
  • Inventory Management
  • Pen Input for signature

How we play with different controls?

Launching email

Integrated Outlook o365 to send an email to the Vendor about the stock information.

Order placement directly from app

This application has the feature to place the order and can see the availability of stock.

Power BI dashboards

Utilize Power BI visualizations to create insightful dashboards.

By adding useful features.

To elevate the application and provide an enhanced user experience, we've incorporated a range of features empowering users to interact seamlessly with our Inventory management system.

Add new item in stock

Users have the flexibility to add new Item in the stock and search for any listed stock.

Categorization of stock

Users can track the stock according to the categories like In storage, Decommissioned, Inactive, Missing & Deployed.

User friendly design

Ultron has a very user-friendly design that enhances the overall user experience.

Pen input for signature

As an additional secure feature, Staff can input their signature in the application before placing any order.


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