End-to-end appointment management system for Healthcare

Project Access
Industry Healthcare
  • Patient intake process
  • Real-time insurance eligibility
  • Precise payment estimation
  • Digital patient engagement

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Project Brief

Patient arrival solutions: Streamlining pre-visit and on-site processes.

We are excited to introduce a cutting-edge pre-arrival and arrival solution for patients, custom-built for our valued client based in the United States. The objective is to enhance and simplify the patient experience, both in preparation for and upon arrival at the healthcare facility for medical appointments or treatment. The core challenges were:

  • Simplify the intake process with contactless digital patient intake and processing.
  • Enhance efficiency through automated digital health insurance verification.
  • Effortlessly create automatic cost estimates for patients.

End-to-end appointment management system that empower patient for healthcare provider.

This includes the ability to book, cancel or reschedule appointments, check-in, insurance verification, receive reminders, make payment, and upload the necessary documents.


Patient intake process

Designed electronic patient intake forms that facilitate the seamless provision of essential information, medical history, and all necessary details required for their visit.

Streamlined digital check-in procedures have been crafted to expedite patient’s arrivals. With the convenience of kiosks or mobile, patients can effortlessly check in when visiting their healthcare providers.


Real-time insurance eligibility

Automate the process with digital health insurance verification, healthcare providers can check the accuracy of insurance information and confirming the coverage of potential treatment is covered at check-in.


Precise payment estimation

We’ve engineered a solution that empowers patients with a transparent grasp of their financial obligations.

Leveraging the patient’s diagnosis, the prescribed treatment plan, their insurance coverage, and any applicable co-pays, our application autonomously computes the precise costs associated with the required medical services and procedures.


Digital patient engagement

In pursuit of a transparent and streamlined financial process that benefits both patients and healthcare providers, we have developed secure digital payment solution.

This comprehensive platform offers diverse payment methods, such as MobilePay, text-to-pay, QR codes, a secure patient portal, and a range of other convenient options, ensuring a seamless and flexible payment experience for patients.

Other Key Features

Additionally, here are some notable functionalities that enhance the overall experience


SMS, email and payment gateway integration


Highly configurable admin panel


Custom form builder


White label

What we have achieved

A digital tool that enhances the patient experience by simplifying the administrative aspects of healthcare visits.

  • Improved patient experience
  • Communication automation
  • Reduces administrative burdens
  • Process automation

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