Custom build marketplace for vendors to sell their stuffs online

Project Cayman Malls
  • Vendor panel
  • Admin panel
  • Point of sale

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Cayman Malls
Project Brief

Online marketplace with a unique idea of registering vendors as per their location based in different malls in the city.


We created separate panels for vendors to manage their storefronts, for customers to shop and admin panel to manage whole store operations.


Vendor Panel

As a vendor, we have provided you the ability to open your online store on Cayman Malls marketplace with the following modules:

  • Unique URL for your online store.
  • Unlimited product listing along with their images and videos.
  • Banner advertisement of your online store on Cayman marketplace itself.
  • You can opt for complete POS system from marketplace.
  • Sales and Finance Reports.
  • Discounts and daily deals to attract more customers.

Admin Panel

As an Admin, you have all the basic features and functionalities along with the below mentioned exclusive modules which we have developed for this project:

  • Licensing of POS to enable vendors for the online and offline synchronization of their sales, inventory and database.
  • Unique shopping guide for Cayman Island visitors to search vendors based in different malls.

Point of Sale

Created a custom Point of Sale software that can be easily integrated with the vendors online store that speed up customer services and increases accuracy of sales and inventory.

  • Multi payment option includes cash, credit cards and coupons.
  • Ability to manage multiple stores.
  • Customer, Inventory, Sales, and order management.
  • Synchronize the data in a centralized database.
  • Touch screen enabled.

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