Automating workflows through seamless patient communication

Project Patient Communication
Industry Healthcare
  • Appointment management
  • Payment gateway integration
  • SMS and Email integration
  • Documents management
  • Schedule reminders

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Patient Communication
Project Brief

Patient appointment scheduling application to simplify and streamline the communication process between patient and healthcare administration.

The objective is automating the processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare operations by enhancing communication with patients. This approach aims to simplify and expedite various aspects of patient-provider interaction and healthcare administration. The key challenges are:

  • Real time status management of patient and administrative actions.
  • Generate secure short URL to collect the patient documents and appointment fee.
  • Send auto email and SMS reminders to patient.

We have developed a patient-centric communication system that allows patients to interact with their healthcare providers conveniently.

This includes the ability to book, cancel or reschedule appointments, receive reminders, make payment and upload the necessary documents.


Confirm appointment

Upon successful patient onboarding, the system initiates an automatic appointment confirmation message to the patient, and the user can effortlessly respond with their confirmation.


Pre-Appointment instructions

You can set your worries aside when it comes to remembering pre-appointment instructions because the system will automatically send comprehensive guidance to the patient.


Insurance verification

In pursuit of a seamless and financially transparent healthcare journey, the system initiates a proactive approach by generating a secure link, which is then sent to the patient. This link enables patients to conveniently upload their insurance documents, thereby streamlining the process of verifying insurance cards before their clinic visit.


Collect payment in advance

In pursuit of a transparent and streamlined financial process that benefits both patients and healthcare providers, the system takes a proactive approach by automatically generating a secure link for collecting appointment fees before the patient’s visit.


Follow-up scheduling

It’s imperative to prioritize patient needs, especially when rescheduling visits. The system ensures patient satisfaction by automatically scheduling a follow-up message to confirm.


Patient satisfaction survey

Schedule a survey with patient by sending them a link to submit their valuable feedback to continuously improve the patient experience.

Other Key Features

Additionally, here are some notable functionalities that enhance the patient experience


Schedule reminders


Valuable and in-depth insights


Create message/email templates


SMS/Email reminders history

What we have achieved

A product for patient communication that unifies all patient workflows to a single platform and changes the way how a practice engages with the patients.

  • Improved patient experience
  • Communication automation
  • Reduces administrative burdens

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