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Project Mama Agent
Industry Real Estate
  • Property listing with Google map
  • DocuSign Integration
  • Zoho Mail Integration
  • Appointment booking system

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Mama Agent
Project Brief

Integrated collaborative platform for seamless coordination among property sellers, buyers, and agents.

The client envisions the creation of a cutting-edge real estate web application that encompasses all the standard features inherent to a property portal, ranging from seamless onboarding processes, property listing functionalities, and intuitive search capabilities.

Additionally, the application offer a unique feature allowing buyers to effortlessly connect with sales agents and property sellers, facilitating convenient requests for property visits. The core challenges were:

  • Efficiently streamline the allocation of approved properties by automating the assignment process to designated agents.
  • Elevate property listings by seamlessly integrating them with Google Maps.
  • Generate a diverse array of contracts and obtain digital signatures from buyers, sellers, and agents.

An innovative real estate web application that connects property buyers, sellers, and real estate agents in a seamless and efficient manner.

We have developed custom application that empowers sellers to seamlessly list their properties. Following admin approval, an intelligent system automatically designates the property to agents operating within a specific locale. Buyers, in turn, effortlessly connect with agents and sellers through a user-friendly visit form, streamlining the property exploration process.


Seller – List and manage properties

Upon successful registration, sellers gain access to a personalized dashboard. This dashboard serves as a control center where they can manage their property listings.

Sellers can add their property by filling out a structured form. This form typically includes fields for essential details about the property.


Admin – Authorize and delegate properties to Agents

The administrator exercises full control over the entire panel, with the capability to efficiently oversee and manage all aspects, including listed properties, registered sellers, buyers, and agents.

The administrator delegates requested properties to agents, initiating a meticulous verification process.


Agent – Manage and verify assigned properties

To exclusively showcase authorized properties, a meticulous verification process has been crafted, agents inspect the assigned properties and take action to accept or reject. Approved properties seamlessly feature on the primary website for potential buyers.

Additionally, agents possess the capability to adeptly manage site visit inquiries submitted by prospective buyers.


Buyer – Explore the listed properties

We’ve crafted an intuitive and user-friendly interface, facilitating seamless navigation through property listings via an integrated Google Map, intuitive filtering options, and access relevant information.

Moreover, buyers can effortlessly add and manage properties on their wishlist.


Appointment booking system

Buyers have the convenience to arrange property visit tours for their desired property by completing a straightforward appointment scheduling form.

The submitted requests are promptly forwarded to the respective agent and seller, initiating a confirmation process for the scheduled appointment.


E-Signatures and digital contracts

We have integrated DocuSign for electronic signatures and digital documentation. The authorize user seamlessly generates contractual documents for buyers, sellers, and agents within the system. 

This innovative approach allows stakeholders, including buyers, sellers, and agents, to securely and efficiently execute property transactions online.

Other Key Features

Additionally, here are some notable functionalities that enhance the overall experience.


CMS for informative pages


Social media integration


Compatibility across devices


Advanced search and filtering

What we have achieved

A seamless, secure, and enriching environment for all participants in the property market.

  • Increased efficiency in the buying and selling process
  • Reduced administrative paperwork
  • Digitally transformed conventional processes

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