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At Imenso Software, we offer a comprehensive range of healthcare software services to address the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Our services encompass the entire software development lifecycle, from conceptualization and design to development, deployment, and ongoing support. Our services include:

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

We develop EHR software that helps you store, manage, and share patient data securely and efficiently. Our EHR software integrates with other systems and devices, supports interoperability standards, and enables data analytics and reporting.

Practice Management Software (PMS)

Practice Management Software (PMS)

We create PMS software that helps you streamline your clinic operations, from scheduling appointments and billing to managing staff and inventory. Our PMS software is user-friendly, customizable, and scalable.

Hospital Management System (HMS)

Hospital Management System (HMS)

We build HMS software that helps you manage your hospital resources, processes, and services. Our HMS software covers inpatient and outpatient management, lab and pharmacy management, room and bed management, and more.

Telemedicine <br> Software


We design telemedicine software that enables remote consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. Our telemedicine software supports video conferencing, chat messaging, file sharing, e-prescription, and payment processing.

Medical Device  <br>Software

Medical Device

We develop medical device software that controls the functionality and performance of medical devices. Our medical device software complies with regulatory requirements, ensures safety and reliability, and supports data integration and analysis.

Healthcare Analytics Software

Healthcare Analytics Software

We create healthcare analytics software that helps you leverage data to gain insights and improve decision-making. Our healthcare analytics software uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and big data technologies to provide predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive analytics.

Your trusted partner in healthcare app development

Driving innovation for better healthcare solutions

Choosing the right software development partner for your healthcare app is crucial to its success. Imenso Software brings a wealth of expertise, industry knowledge, and a proven track record of delivering exceptional healthcare software solutions. Here's why we should be your preferred choice:

Domain expertise

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. We understand the challenges and opportunities of healthcare app development and deliver solutions that address them.

Technical excellence

Our team of skilled and certified developers utilizes the latest technologies and tools to create high-quality healthcare apps. We follow agile methodologies and best practices to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Compliance assurance

We adhere to the highest standards of compliance and security for healthcare app development. We follow HIPAA, GDPR, FDA, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, and other relevant regulations and guidelines.

User-centric design

We design healthcare apps that are user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging. We apply user research, user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and accessibility principles to create apps that meet the needs and preferences of your users.

Scalable solutions

We build healthcare apps that are scalable and flexible. We use cloud-based platforms and microservices architectures to ensure the high performance, availability, and reliability of your apps.

Cost-effective pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our healthcare app development services. We provide transparent estimates and flexible payment options to suit your budget.

Ensuring medical compliance with robust software solutions

Trust us to safeguard your patient data and maintain regulatory compliance

Imenso Software understands the critical importance of compliance in the healthcare industry. Our healthcare software solutions are designed and developed with strict adherence to regulatory standards, ensuring that your organization remains compliant while leveraging the benefits of digital transformation.

HIPAA Compliance.

HIPAA Compliance. Our solutions adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Data Encryption.

Data Encryption. We implement robust encryption measures to protect patient data from unauthorized access.

Access Controls.

Access Controls. Our software solutions include role-based access controls, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

Audit Trails.

Audit Trails. We incorporate audit trails that track and record system activity for easy monitoring and accountability.

Secure Communication.

Secure Communication. We use secure communication protocols to safeguard data transmission between users and systems.

Regular Audits.

Regular Audits. We conduct regular audits and assessments to ensure ongoing compliance and identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Harnessing the power of latest technologies for healthcare software development

Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative use of the latest technologies

Imenso Software is committed to leveraging the latest technologies to drive innovation and revolutionize the healthcare industry. Our team of skilled developers and technology enthusiasts excels in harnessing cutting-edge tools and frameworks to create impactful healthcare software solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our AI-powered solutions enable predictive analytics, personalized care, and automation of repetitive tasks.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

We integrate IoT devices to collect real-time patient data, optimize workflows, and enhance remote monitoring capabilities.



Our blockchain implementations ensure the secure and transparent sharing of medical records while maintaining data integrity.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

We utilize cloud-based platforms to facilitate scalability, accessibility, and seamless data storage and retrieval.


Agile software development approach for faster turnaround

We follow an agile software development process to deliver high-quality, valuable products for our clients consistently. We collaborate across development teams to ensure quick delivery with more transparency and flexibility.

Requirement Analysis

Brainstorming sessions and meetings to ensure that both parties are on the same page & decide the features of the final product.

What you get
  • Documentation
  • NDA and IP agreement
  • Time and cost estimate
Statement of Work

After approval, we create SOW that clearly describes the features and functionalities of application along with development process.

What you get
  • Statement of work
  • Defined milestones
  • Delivery plan

Using agile methodology we start execution that includes design, development, QA, deployment, and iteration in various sprints.

What you get
  • Prototype
  • Working product
  • Staging server
Launch & Support

Finally, we deploy the application to your production server and help you in scaling it.

What you get
  • Final product
  • Live environment
  • Support
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