Customer Success Story

Full-scale BI platform design and visualization

At a Glance

Millennia simplifies and streamlines the patient financial experience by communicating with patients early, informatively, and often through our proven patient engagement platform and team of highly-trained support specialists.




Healthcare eLearning


Power BI Dashboard

The Challenge

Create a way to access the data in a centralized way so that team members can collaborate more accurately and don’t have to download and upload files to their servers. To fetch data from Azure via SQL into Power BI to generate dynamic reports.


Our Solution

We have replicate their production database in SQL server and I am connected to that with a use of a VMware Client which have the Power BI Desktop installed on it. All the BI files are created there only and then published to Power BI Services. We have two Workspaces- QA (Shared Capacity) and Production (Premium Capacity). All this centralized the files and help the users to customize things in Power BI Desktop files as well.


Consolidated Operational Pulse

This is the overview BI app which consists of all the segmentations of the business like Payment, Placements, Statements, Call Time, Status, Aging and more, to get different trends of these entities in different date ranges.


Agent Scoreboard

This is the detail view of daily activity to get the Agent Performance Information to be displayed on a screen. This help them to see and compete with the best of the best on daily basis. This looks like a gaming dashboard and the idea was to see the leader board on daily basis.


Key Metric Alert

This is the overview of all the different segmentation like Payments, Placements, Statements and Calls over the period of time to get the top movers and losers details with their usage behavior. It provides the prior period calculations and daily averages which will help us to see the trends of our clients.

The Process

We used agile methodology to build a data model in Power BI Desktop via SQL to generate reports in there. Publishing the reports back to the Power BI services and set of a scheduled refresh with the help of On- Premise Gateway.