Concerted - Marketplace for volunteers and nonprofits

Client Concerted, USA
Industry Events
  • Community service jobs
  • Opportunity listing
  • Volunteering
  • Checkout with secure online payment
  • Event management
  • Review and ratings

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Project Brief

Concerted is a nonprofit organization in USA.

Concerted is a nonprofit organization that connects people who want to make a difference in their communities with opportunities to give back; in exchange for donating their time, Concerted gives volunteers free access to some of the most exciting events and experiences in their city. Give back. Get tickets. The core challenges were:

  • Scalability – As it has large number of visitors so the back-end servers, database, APIs, and services too should be able to scale.
  • Responsive – Most of the users are on mobile so the application should run flawlessly on small devices.
  • Security – People place so many personal details on such platforms so the data security on web applications, ensuring high-security levels was imperative.

Seamless exchange of live event tickets in leu of and volunteering work helps to create a growing volunteer movement in Concerted web platform.


Nonprofit Organizations

  • Sign up and verify themselves.
  • Post community service jobs.
  • Review the received job application.
  • Select the right volunteers and award the job.
  • Create profiles that help in fundraising.


  • Signup and apply for the community jobs.
  • Completes the jobs and get time rewards.
  • Use the rewards to purchase the tickets for a live event.

Event Listing

The site admin posts the music events and sell the ticket for the event.


Purchase Tickets

If the earned rewards are not sufficient to get the event tickets then the volunteers can purchase the ticket by checking out with secured payment gateway.

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