How To Find The Most Reliable Remote Microsoft Power BI Consultants and Companies for Hiring? 

Let’s rewind the event of March 2020, worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 left everyone in shock and life seemed to be at halt for quite sometime. Plenty of cases everyday and the count is still going on. However with new data being added we have moved a step closer each time to the vaccine development program.

You must have seen the graph of the number of cases fluctuating. Ever wondered how are the healthcare professionals gathering the valuable insights?

It is with the help of Microsoft Power BI service.

What is Microsoft Power BI ?

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service which interprets the data at higher rate and provides the user with valuable insights. It helps to create interactive dashboards, powerful reports and business intelligence.

Why to choose Power BI ?

  • Power BI gives you real- time information. The data can be easily managed and helps the user to make data driven decisions.
  •  The user can also share the insights on websites, portals or blog. It helps businesses in taking data driven decisions.
  • It integrates smoothly with the existing application thus allowing the user to generate rich and personalised reports and embed Analytics.
  • Consolidation of multiple data sources through Power BI is a great way to use modern tools and technology.

Tips for Choosing Power BI Company

Tips for Choosing Power BI Company

In the present times where the company layoffs is a common trend emphasis lies more on the outsourcing. Since the digital domain is ever demanding, you should choose the Power BI consultants and the company wisely. Below are some point to keep in mind while hiring the consultants or the company:

Portfolio of the Company

As it is known that actions speaks louder than words so is in the case of company you are looking for hiring. The first thing to make a suitable choice for your project is to look at the company’s portfolio thoroughly.  It will give you the insights of the company’s Power BI development services.

Published Links and Previous Work

Have a look at the company’s clientele and figure out whether the company has met your requirements or not. The Power BI service company which have really worked many organizations, individuals or businesses will be happy to showcase their work to attract new clients. Read the reviews given by the clients carefully so as to know what the company really offers.

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Portfolio of the Client

Another way to hire is by looking at the type of clients served by the company. If you are able to locate similar type of client as per your requirements then the company is offering good services. Proper project execution is a way to attract more projects for your company. Therefore you should not leave any room of doubt while hiring the Power BI company.

Services Offered by the Company

While looking for Power BI experts, you should ask the company regarding the services offered by them. Keeping in mind the cost- effectiveness of the project, the services offered by the company should be top- notch. Visit their website and gather all the necessary information regarding the company and their approach for working on your project.

Maintenance & Support Policies

As a customer we have too many questions regarding the project execution strategies and approach. Seamless communication and support plays a vital role in between the client and the developer. Look for the companies which will provide you with complete assistance whenever required.

Bug-free Project Development

Quality delivery should be the priority of the company you hire. Completion of the project should be done in a timely- manner and free of error or bugs. The company should be able to provide real- time solutions if a bug is found in the software.

Legal Agreements

Try to follow a legal contract with the company which you are hiring including legal formalities, well defined clauses, code of conduct. It will help in maintaining the transparency between you and the company.

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Ideas turn to reality when their implementation is done in the correct manner. If you have an idea then we at Imenso Software will help you outsource it into the real world. We believe that Power BI has the capability in transforming the future thus providing the best Power BI solutions to our clients.


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