Hire Android Developers from India

Hire Dedicated Android Developers in India

Best breed of dedicated Android app developers at affordable monthly cost

“Android industry has taken the world by a storm. They are everywhere from your phones to your cars, there is no reason, why you shouldn’t hire its developers.”

The market of smart phone industry is rapidly increasing and android has the largest market share. With over 432 million smart phones sold off, 352 were of android. The demand and market of android is expanding enormously. Android with its great OS, variety of apps and affordability, has successfully appealed to a larger mass of the audience. if you are looking for your first mobile app then there is a good reason to start with Android. We at Imenso provide full time dedicated Android developers at an affordable cost.

Android developers at IMENSO are expertise in diverse categories:

  • Navigation
  • Games
  • Maps
  • E-commerce
  • Fitness
  • Multimedia
  • News
  • Camera and much more
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Why should you render your valuable Android projects to us?

With the spread of android industry, its developers are also increasing enormously. This is a great chance for you’re to hire the best of the best. Remember, if your developers are not expert in their field, your business value will be at stake. We at IMENSO understand this immensely and only embrace hire quality android developers. Our developers are equipped with core JAVA knowledge and are in tune with all the latest versions. A great API, interactive UI designs, smooth UX, customized solutions are the identification marks of our dedicated team. So if you want to unleash the great benefits of Android OS, our super team is just a call away.