Effective Ways Offshore Software Development Companies Improve Business Security

Software development companies have grown sporadically over the years, likewise the villain teams of expert hackers who work around the clock trying to infiltrate processes. That leads to the implementation of extra measures on already existing security processes in the software development world. 

This is beyond the scope of in-house software development teams – because maintaining these teams requires top-dollar bills, and is stretched onto businesses who outsource to offshore partners. 

The acceptance of offshore software development process integration has birthed solutions for organizations across various industries. However, this comes with the key trend of stringent data handling and processing policies which has to do with additional layers of data security. 

This article introduces offshore software development, the benefits, and the effective ways these companies improve security. 

What is an offshore software development company?

Offshore software development is a global trend that has come to stay at most likely forever. The term “offshore software development” simply means the relocation of information technology and software processes to external teams outside your nation’s borders. The full reliance on a remote team to develop and produce your business software, applications, and related services

A great percentage of the world’s largest companies have embraced offshoring integrations to speedily carry out various functions. This has increased the software offshore development market, with service providers ranging from large-market firms, mid-market, and freelancers. 

Along with the upside of this technological evolution and its myriad of opportunities, the process has its threats and challenges. Working with offshore software development teams raises the concern for security breaches and the worry of containing them if they arise. 

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4 ways offshore software development companies improve security

4 ways offshore software development companies improve security

Offshore software development companies have emphasized meticulous compliance with policies, regulations, and technologies needed to protect data and control security risks. Some of the processes implemented include:

  • Identifying and prioritizing risks

Managing software processes for international organizations requires the implementation of processes to understand who is responsible for what, what to monitor, what could go wrong, the risks, how to prepare for this risk, and maintain all-around protection. 

This insight calls for the in-build of security into the software from the onset, as well as consistent monitoring throughout the product life cycle. Other measures include developing an in-house attack system that works on hacking the developed products. All attempts by this in-house attack system expose possible risks and vulnerabilities that help the team build an impenetrable model of the product.

  • Employee confidentiality contracts

Outsourcing to an offshore team means that the team already has recruitment processes in place for employing and onboarding its expert employees. Offshore software development companies make use of strict recruiting practices, onboarding, and hiring processes. This includes employee confidentiality contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other in-house policies put in place to ensure security is maintained all-round. 

  • Service level agreements

Service level agreements including security mechanisms, measures, awareness, response, remediation, alerting processes, and critical details are created by offshore software development companies. These documents are developed in compliance with existing bodies and departments responsible for security control, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO.) This effective documentation builds vendor trustworthiness, establishes an understanding of security risks, and portrays the efficient process control in place.

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  • Encrypted data 

Software development companies use data encryption processes to secure identifying fields that may breach security and result in an exposure of information. There are also processes for restoration of data, and speedy response in the case of a technical incident or breach. 

The products developed through these processes pass an internal and external audit to ensure only the best versions free from common software vulnerabilities are delivered. 

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These stringent measures are put in place to serve as authentication and user protection guarantee to ensure the users that the developed software is genuine and from a credible source. This solves the common problem of software market introduction whereby security warnings discourage software downloads.

Advantages of offshore software development companies

Advantages of offshore software development companies
  • Cost-effective – Reduced development cost

Working with an offshore software development company means the teams are most likely in developing markets. This offers access to expert hires at a reduced rate. However, beyond the rate is the advantage of working with already established infrastructures and processes while getting an expert performance.

  • Global experience and expertise

Offshoring offers global insight. The offshore software development companies have the creativity and innovation beyond the borders of your country. This is a perfect spin of creativity that can bring a great turn to your business. These teams work with certain high standards of experience, expertise, and reliability that ensure that the company grows into a well-sought one in the marketplace. 

  • Time-effective – saves time

Offshore software development companies have an already working process from product inception to launch. The team is made up of skilled technicians who most likely carry out work faster. This ensures you save time on projects and get a quicker market introduction time.

  • Access to the right team

Working with offshore software development companies gives you the leverage to select specific skills needed for your project. This practice gives you access to highly skilled individuals within the right team, specifically built for the success of your project. An advantage that may be difficult to harness when trying to hire these experts individually. Most importantly, you get it without a commitment to the costs of permanent hires which saves costs and resources. 

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