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The term outsourcing has been generally related to cost reduction. No doubt, outsourcing can bring down your project cost up to 50% but even then most of the companies are reluctant to outsource because of the various risk factors associated with it.

Learn how Imenso Software can help you with your outsourcing needs.

PHP Application Development

Being an open source language that can be easily installed in any system, PHP application development has gained immense popularity in the past few years making custom PHP development an essential activity for any business out to make its presence felt in the cyber world. Websites, News and Entertainment Portals, E-Commerce, Social media and even Mobile based platforms are increasing employing the host of wonderful features available with PHP application development to further their business goals. This makes the PHP web development company your true business partner to jump start and boost your objectives. All segments ranging from simple web sites and portal to E- carts currently rely heavily on custom PHP development to make them simple and easy to use while being highly interactive. Smart businesses across the globe are resorting to outsource PHP development to specialist companies in order to incorporate greater innovativeness into their sites and portals while making substantial cost cutting.

PHP Developers India

If you are planning to outsource PHP development process than India is the place to start looking at with a wide range of options at extremely reasonable rates that is sure to keep you ahead of competition effectively. With careful project planning, analysis, detailed approach and proactive management all your custom PHP development needs can be met accurately. However with a plethora of companies available in the market, the task of selecting the right PHP web development company to meet your requirements can be quite daunting. Imenso Software is a business leader among PHP developers India having established unquestionable credentials in the field.

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We at Imenso, believe that budget doesn’t necessary dictate quality but endeavor does. For us all clients matter. We undertake projects involving small scale enterprises and start up businesses providing them with mainstream solutions at the budgets that suit their business plans.

Areas of Specialization

  • Entertainment and news Portals: Content management/ authoring, news feeds management, editorial tools and even media facilities.
  • Websites: Public enterprise portals, frontend for software products/ systems, Customer portals, online stores, promo websites and web forms.
  • Social Media: Social business, social features, integration and creation as well as management of online communities for branding purposes.
  • E-Commerce: Procurement, B2b / B2C, payment getaways, billing solutions, vendor management, distribution network tracking and media campaigns.
PHP Applicatoin Development

Why Hire Us?

Imenso Software has a team of dedicated professionals specializing in every aspect of PHP development for a wide range of solutions catering to the needs of practically every size and kind of business. With focused attention to the needs of the customers our team has been providing solutions ranging from pilot projects to extremely complex and spread out operations. Our high quality post services have endeared us to all our previous clients who have not hesitated to provide rave reviews on our quality and sincerity. We are well equipped to deal with the complex challenges that accompany such an open source language in terms of open architecture, security, high load ratios and application integration.

So why wait for any longer to get yourself that extra business advantage? Get in touch with us to experience a whole new world of PHP development services that cater to your exact needs and in the manner that you want.

Helping start-ups to multi-million dollar companies to achieve their business successes.

At Imenso Software we support full-cycle development process right from requirements gathering, definition and specification, architecture design, coding, testing and validation to product maintenance and support.

Php Web Application Development

Route Management System

Krane Franchising Ltd, NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA

Route Management System (RMS) is an enterprise level of application developed for one of the public limited companies based in New Zealand. Our client; Krane Franchising Ltd has two business units 1) Kiwikrane (New Zealand based) and Koalakrane (Australia based) and both of them works on the same business model in which their franchisees operate amusement crane machines on one or more than one locations in their region. Krane Franchising Ltd. has more than 300 franchises spread across New Zealand / Australia and RMS has been aimed to manage their huge network of franchises.

PHP Application Development India

Employee Engagement Tool

Because Pty Ltd, AUSTRALIA

iREAP (individual Role Engagement Profile) ia a unique career diagnostic tool for employees and engagement tool for the organizations. It helps organization to identify motivational drivers for its employees and further measures motivational dissonance (gap between what employees want and need) in an employee’s current role in the organization. It provides a powerful career decision making tool to help employees decide whether to stay in their current role, move and grow to another position or exit to pursue better opportunities elsewhere.

PHP Application Development

Replenish System

Our client is among the top 5 manufactures of leather footwear in the world with a turnover to $100 million.

Replenish System is designed to maximize the productivity of our client by providing tools to assist in automating the product review and delivering process. It is a two-way process between the producer (our client) and the retailers/distributors. Replenish System maintains inventory and generates new requirements in correspondence to the sale of products.

Outsource PHP Development

Real Estate iPhone App

Our client is one of the leading mobile app development house based in Germany.

They were restructuring their entire organization and looking for a strong and reliable offshore software development partner who can help them in expanding their monthly project turnover while minimizing their production costs without compromising any quality deficits. Their criteria for choosing a partner is speed of development, quality and price; which was successfully qualified by Imenso Software.

Offshore PHP Development

CO2 Emission Tool

DFGE AG - Institute for Energy – Ecology – Economy, GERMANY

Imenso Software helped DFGE AG in macro development for their XLS based CO2 emission tool. CO2 emission calculator provides logistics in a xls-based, easy to edit interface platform-independent and directly applicable tool for the determination of the emissions of the shipments. All data used are based on standard values ​​of logistics. Enter only the routes and the modal split and each contract can create a certificate of emissions.

PHP Web Development

Lead Management System

Florida Health Group, US

Lead Management System (LMS) has been developed by Imenso Software for health care domain. Our client is one of the leading health care consulting companies based in Florida, USA. We have given them a web based solution to increase the ease of their agents to contact them directly and to automate the whole process from new agent’s inquiries to lead capture and from assigning leads to close deals through proper and efficient lead tracking.

PHP Web Development Company

Order Management and Tracking System

Our client is an export house that exports agricultural machinery, tyres, tubes and flaps across the globe.

Order Management Tracking System (OMTS) is a web based application developed by Imenso Software by taking the specific requirements for export houses in consideration. OMTS is a platform for Export Houses to remove the communication gap with their clients. OMTS covers all the basic requirements of export houses and all the users can exchange information / documents on a single platform which has a centralized database.

PHP Developers India

Workshop Booking Portal

Centre for Transition, AUSTRALIA

Our client is a commercial organisation with strong social and community focus, aimed at offering affordable workshops and programme in partnerships with local communities, not for profits, social entrepreneurs and other service providers. Centre for Transition approached Imenso Software through word of mouth reference to design and develop his new business web portal which includes a complete end to end solution from conceptualization to deployment.

We believe in making personal relationships with our clients and professional relationships with their work.